Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What´s up with the Crew Wednesday - Ice Cream Run and Prizes

Two of my boys helped me today. We ran out really fast to hunt for the Caption Give Away first place prize and for an ice cream run. They got ice cream, I got the prize.

We walked a half hour in the hot summer sun, searched high and low for just the right gift and hand picked not one but two very special prizes.

A small miniture painting of our coast and the stoic San Lorenzo Catholic church.

And I wanted something you can´t get anywhere else in the world. Something that no one would even know how to get unless they came here to visit or live.

In Gijón, Asturias, SPAIN, the older people actually still wear wooden shoes to work in the fields. They are called Madreñas. If I sent them without an explanation you might think we lived in Holland but noooooo they are standard for the older generation who grew up working in the mountain fields of Asturias.

These beautifully hand crafted Madreñas will be awarded to to the first place winner of the Caption Give Away Contest. The winners will be voted on this coming Friday.
There is still time to enter your caption.

"What caption?"
you ask.
Well, you can head over to this post, check out the picture, and get as creative as you like. I can´t wait till my hubby and I sit down to read them all together. He will pick the top three and you all will vote on your favorites. There are prizes for the first, second and third place winners. Enter as many captions as you would like.

Can´t wait to see who wins!


  1. looks like a fun day!
    what a great prize!

  2. Wow, what a beautiful painting, and also, those!!!


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