Friday, June 19, 2009

Pier 39 & Caption Give Away

Here are my Friday Photo Flashbacks better late than never. I have been waiting to share these pictures since the last flashback. Alicia at More Than Words hosts this awesome meme so that we can all jump aboard and share our old photos that were taken before the digital age.

This is my little family on deputation in the year 1999. We were traveling all over California visiting churches and family. Here in this picture, we stopped to smell the roses or as it turned out to be on Pier 39 in San Francisco, we were smelling the sea lions. That behind us is Alcatraz Island, I think.

Look at the pudgy cheeks of my first born, and look at those pudgy cheeks I had, complements of deputation eating.

This next one is an extra Flashback. One for the money. Right?

It´s such a good picture that I can´t come up with a caption for it.

Wanna help?

What do you think my eldest is thinking?

What might my poor baby Andrew be wailing?

My friend Nina had a caption give away and it was so much fun, that I wanted to do one too. There´s no better time then the present.

Here´s how it will go. I will collect all the captions and my dear hubby will pick the top three. (shhh he doesn´t know yet. nor will he know where the captions come from. ) You have till the next Friday Photo Flashback to enter your awesome captions. Have fun with this and you could win.

1. Comment with your caption.
2. Come up with several for more ways to win.
3. Then come back next Friday to vote for the first place winner.

Yes, it´s a secret give away. I will reveal the gifts throughout the week. Just to prick your interest... it will be worth the gears grinding and the smoke above your ears... it will be something you can´t get in the good ol´U.S. of A. or any other country. It will be something you can´t even get in any other part of Spain. ( well, maybe not).

Ok... So stand by as I will be unveiling the gifts as the week goes on. There will be a first, second and third place winner. These three will be chosen, as I said, by my hubby. Then there will be a vote ( kind of like those reality tv shows) where you all can vote for your favorite.

So, go ahead dream away.


  1. Oh wow, I'm really bad at these sort of things! I'll have to think about this and come back!

    For now I'll go with "Does this kid come with an 'off" button?"

  2. I'm staring at the picture and can't come up with anything! Ugh.

    My boys have that same look when they see/hear babies's a look of fear and concern mixed together. :)

  3. "What in the world is that smell!!"

    Love Nans though :).....

    joseph,, pick me, pick me!!

  4. Hola!!!!

    Oh Pier 39!! We haven't been there for awhile!! I actually love driving to the city!!!

    And I love the picture of your boys!! Soooo cute!!!!

    I think the caption should say:

    "I don't know what to do..I'm just a baby too!"

  5. So you go until your time runs out? I clean until my body runs out of energy, lol!

  6. hi Dani Joy! Thanks for visiting the other day. I am well, you? Okay this is a fun game but I am horribly uncreative.......

    Big Brother says "It wasn't me"

    Big Brother says"He started it."

    I told you I am not creative but this was fun. Cute pic. Blessings

  7. This is soooo much fun!! What a great idea and I love the picture!! LOL!!

    Here's my captions:

    "Umm...How do you turn this thing OFF?"

    "Where's the volume control??"

    "Anybody heard of the quiet game?"

  8. "Mom I thought you said we were getting a Puppy! This thing isn't cuddly at all. REFUND I WANT A REFUND!!!"

    Ryan told me after I brought Hope home from the hospital that I could take her back now he was done palying with her. LOL

    Sorry I haven't been around to read. I just caught up with your posts but this is the one I am commenting on. :)

    Things have started to settle since Mel's death. It is nice to start getting use to the new normal!

    Love Ya and Continually Praying!

  9. Dani Joy, thanks for visiting us. I love your blog! What a beautiful inspiration your family is.

    I am horrible at the caption stuff, although, I might have to ask my witty husband to help me b/c those madrenas are so beautiful!! However, I do think that Nina and Jessica's captions are too cute.

    God bless you, Sister.
    xoxo, Veronica in CA

  10. "Now what did I do.."

    im sorry i might be late.. just was able to visit now!

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