Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rivers, Mountains, Falls, and Give Away Gifts

Welcome to the Cares River Pass.

This is a 12 kilometer hike along the river through a mountain gorge. We went to the back side of it and walked a little ways. We oooed and awwwed over the mountains and the river for a long time.

Before entering the remote mountain village there is a picnic area at the top of a small mountain before getting to the Peaks of Europe. Here we enjoyed these rich Asturian cheeses and sausages. (Picture taken by my wonderful hubby.)

Our small church group who were able to adventure out with us.

Here is only a fraction of the pass. Notice the bridge we had to cross to get to the rock cave tunnel like pass.

Here is a view of that tunnel. At one point it sprayed water on you just like a log ride at Disney World. Ice cold mountain water.

They say icey cold mountain water is good for the circulation. I had to try! brrrrr! It was ice cold alright!

And what you all have been waiting for....

The Second place prize of the Caption Give Away will be awarded this pitcher and basin. Oh, don´t be alarmed. It´s really only about 5 inches tall. But it´s authentic! It says,

I was at the Cares Route, Cain, and I thought of you.

The third place prize is this olive oil holder. It too is only 5 inches tall. But they are adorable. It says the same thing.

The first place prize is still a secret, but it´s going to be worth it! To enter just go here.


  1. DaniJoy...that place is absolutely breath taking!!! I would have taken pictures galore! Did you have to pay to get in??

    Love the giveaway prizes! Sooo cute!

  2. Okay...these are by far my favorite pictures that you've taken! My favorite is the one your hubby took. The lady cutting sausages and cheese.....breathtaking!

    (maybe he should hold the camera more often...I'm not trying to say anything...)

    See ya tomorrow my friend!!

  3. Wow, those pics are amazing! What a great adventure you are living!!

  4. Oh the beauty! God is so creative.

  5. The picture with the mountains in the background is breathtaking! And the view of the tunnel is amazing...


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