Monday, June 29, 2009

Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Distance does make the heart grow fonder sometimes, and in my case this past week, I had a lot of time to reflect, relax, refuel, refresh, and realize anew how much I appreciate my family.

As a stay at home, homeschool mommy, I am with my family 24/7. Alone time is very minimal. So for Monday´s Making Your Home Sing Meme, I want to share with you some commitments I made on my way home from our, Nina´s and my, European Baptist Missionary Wives Blog Retreat, EBMWBR for short. (Maybe this isn´t funny to anyone else, but it just cracks me up that we actually came up with a name for our get away and that it´s such a long title! )

On the way to Madrid and back, I had a total of 10 hours on the train alone. This was a great time to read, study and reflect. I must admit, that I read a fiction book too. The one Alicia from Confessions from a Snowflake sent me as part of her give away, titled "Ransomed Dreams".

This book started out by introducing a family, a young happy wife, her handsome husband and her two adorable children. In the first chapter, she is following her family to a New Year´s gathering and watches them get hit by a drunk driver. Their van fell over a cliff, killing her husband and her two babies.

What a way to start a book! I sat there just having left my family to start my trip, with tears in my eyes, trying to call my hubby. I prayed and prayed for my family.

Can you just picture me?

Well, before you say, "I am never reading that book." It does end good. It´s really sad in the beginning, but it really makes you appreciate the family you have. In fact, I would have to say, I adore them more now than ever.

This book dove tailed my devotional time I was having. In the book "Mom´s Everything Book for Son´s", every chapter has a passage of scripture and a challenge. I am only about half-way through the book, but I have learned so many valuable things. I learned I am not doing too bad in some areas, like reading to them and playing games with them, but need help in other areas, like not stressing over jobs not done to perfection and not battling over the little things.

Which leads me to my commitments. They are ones I have made in the past. They are nothing new for every Mom, and probably for every believer. These commitments need to be renewed every so often and so does our "Mommy Love Tank" so we can continue on this incredible road called Making a Home.

1.Time alone with God and myself everyday.

2.No more stressed, shrill voice at my family. (It´s so sad that they are the only ones that hear it and they are the ones I love the most.)

3. Only an hour on blogs. (this one will be hard)

I am praying these commitments will make my home be a welcoming place to be.
May there be much singing and laughter there.
Happy Making Your Home Sing Monday! If you want to join in, Moms the Word has the scoop.

Making your home sing Mondays

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  1. Great post! I guess that trip was great for more than one reason, I am so happy you guys enjoyed so much.

    I was afraid to keep reading the post because I haven't finish the book yet :)

  2. Hi DaniJoy! Wow, that book sounds good! I'll have to check that one out!!!

    Oh..and so true about the shrill voice!! Sooooo true!

  3. Thank you for linking up today. I love your goals. They are few and to the point, so as not to be to hard or to many to be overwhelming.

    The book does sound sad, but it does sound interesting!

  4. I'm so glad you guys had a great trip. And I'm glad you enjoyed the book. It is definitely a tear jerker. I love your list. I pray God gives you the grace to fulfill it.

    Hope you have a great week making your home sing my friend!

  5. Wow! That book does sound like a tear-jerker. Those are the ones you read on faith...only if someone tells you it will be worth the tears you cry in the beginning. Glad it was a good read for you. As for your goals, I love how you kept them few. Moving my computer downstairs has really helped me stay off the computer when I might otherwise "just sit down for a second". It reminds me just how much time I was spending on the blogs (which I love) and not focus on my family (which I love much more!). Glad I'm not the only one!

  6. Hey, I got your comment about being in college with FringeMan. Did you go to PCC? Email me @ I tried to email you, but it got sent back.

  7. Girl, you are lookin' so skinny minny in that picture!
    So glad that you all had a nice time of rest and refueling.

  8. I'm not a yeller...but at times I have to be to be heard. To lessen the noise in the room so they will know I'm speaking to them. I don't like doing it....the other day I did it and the look on their faces broke my was as if they were saying..." that you?"

    Broke my heart I tell ya....broke it into.

  9. That plate of food looks delicious! Sorry, I'm hungry :)

    I like your list....I'm trying to limit my computer time too!!

  10. good goals. i have been blogging less too and that is a good thing. I even debate just stopping at times. I too am learning and making it a goal to use a soft gentle voice with my children always. It is a challenge but God is good. The picture of you is beautiful, nice to get alone time. I havent had that for about 5 years!!! (My oldest just turned 5)... well enough babbling. Bless you Dani Joy.

  11. I sure can relate to the "no alone time" Especially now, with a baby.
    I know there are people who would think me selfish to want it, but thats the truth right now.

    I guess someday I'me going to realize how over-rated alone time is!

  12. Hi! I just found your blog and I'm really enjoying reading through it. I'm a pastor's wife from NC, but I've done mission trips in Mexico and China and often thought about foreign missions. My husband and I have talked at times about whether the Lord would eventually put us in a foreign field. :)

    I look forward to reading more of you story.


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