Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Catching UP part 1

Have you ever seen the movie UP?

Some days, I feel like I need to just slow down and enjoy the journey. The elderly man in the movie UP thought he had to go on a long journey to South America. All his life, he and his wife tried to save for this big trip, but his wife had made an album of their life´s journey. She passed away and gave him that album. By the end of the movie, he realized that he and his wife had enjoyed an incredible journey together, even if they had never gotten to go to South America together.

I realized that I haven´t just sat back and enjoyed the journey lately, nor have I shared any of our journey.

So, here we go. Are you ready? Here is part one, anyway. I´ll start with our second son´s 10th birthday, April 9.  Andrew is so happy to be 10. It seems to be a milestone in his life already.

Every morning of their birthay, I have the table all decorated with their gifts and lately a slide presentation just for them. Andrew loved his Smile card presentation. Especially the music. He is our little musician!

Andrew´s birthday "day" was divided into many phases. This is the second phase. A game of pool with the family. He and his daddy won against Mommy, Isaiah and Michael. They were unstoppable!
Even with this "awesome" form (ehem), he still beat us!

The victory smile!

Phase Two - Greek Gyros on the beach!
(really cheap meal for a family of 5)

Mommy and birthday boy

Special card from Daddy.

Phase three- Special requested cake. Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheese Cake!

With 5 eggs, sour cream, cream cheese, PB, and chocolate, this cake weighed a good 5lbs! It must have lasted all week!
No Best Friend better.

Our beach view. the café let us use their terraza to have coffee and cake!

Special Requested gift.

Had to add this one. After haircuts - Phase four! only our family probably sees it as a treat to go to the barber on their birthday. 

We end Part one of our photo journey with Andrew´s dream car. It may just always be just that a dream, but it´s mainly just for the color anyway. He loves Yellow!
Stayed tuned for more Parts to this UP Journey!


  1. hey girl, glad to catch up with your family

  2. Sounds like a great birthday! I love the movie Up and the cheesecake sounds delish. Great way to spend a birthday!

  3. Looks like such a fun day...a great way to celebrate with your family. I cried all through the movie Up. My son still cannot believe it. :-)


  4. Okay, I want that cheesecake!!!!! LOL!! YUM!!

    Happy belated to Andrew!! It looks like he had a wonderful birthday celebration in many places!!

  5. Happy 10th Birthday Andrew!!!

    I love the movie UP and it does truly have a special message in it...enjoy the everyday, because it is the journey.

    Looking forward to Part Two.

  6. Happy Birthday Andrew! That cheescake looks awesome. I hope you enjoyed your day.

    I am looking forward to meeting Bro Alberto Puente in our Missions Conf this next week and seeing him present the field of Spain.

    Love & Prayers

  7. Looks like alot of fun! Happy Birthday!
    That's the way to celebrate:) ....for a weeks or month!
    Maybe I can talk hubby into that;) My b'day was yesterday.
    Glad to catch up with you all.
    The boys look like they have grown so much, even since I first met you in cyberland.

    About homeschooling... we have just tried to be consistent. Sometimes I feel like I'm always pushing. Are you? We started the last two weeks of August, and have taken at least a month off, as well as every Monday for family day. So happy for the break!

  8. Yes, Kristy, I always feel like I am pushing. It´s been really difficult since Easter break. We had a major research report. their first. It is done! PTL!

    I am starting to relax more. Praying to relax more.

    Thanks ya´ll for all the wonderful comments!

    Dani Joy

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  10. Happy, Happy (belated) birthday! :o) Definitely looks like a very fun-filled day! I love all the "traditions" set aside for the birthdays. Love all the photos...great game-Andrew and dad are the pool sharks, but yes your form looks intimidating- I may have managed a few balls's been forever though.
    Gyros & that cheesecake-yumm!
    Love the special daddy card for Andrew, swelong, Andrew will be driving!

    Blessings & Aloha!
    (My post this week shows some photos of the short missions trips that our 3 kids were blessed to be a part of.) Thank you for you and your family as you continue to be blessings in your mission field in Spain.


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