Friday, June 26, 2009

Piano Prodigy and Caption Give Away 2nd Chance

It´s Friday Photo Flashback time! I almost didn´t make it in time. I thought it was Wednesday.
No really though, I have been off schedule and lost a few days, but I´ll be ok. Don´t worry. A little rest and relax had me still on cloud nine.
I have been scanning baby pictures of our oldest. This one was taken on my M.I.L´s baby grand. She sent me this picture with this caption already.

Isaiah´s first recital.

So how are you doing on your caption writing? You have one more week to enter your captions for last weeks picture. I still have to reveal the first place prize this week as well. The second and third place prizes are hand picked from the mountains of Asturias, Spain. Go here to see them.

Only ten of you came up with captions. You can come up with more than one apiece as well for more possibilities to win. I will post the top three next Friday as there were not very many who participated as of yet.

What are you waiting for? This is your shot at bloggy stardom!

What do you say? What are my little men thinking?


  1. Look at those sweet little pudgy fingers!!

    What an adorable picture!!

    I love your label cloud...I just noticed it. Way to go!

    I have three with a nasty stomach bug and goes on....

  2. That is so cute, DaniJoy!!

    I can't wait to see who the caption winner is!!!! How fun!

  3. Ok this will be my second try

    " What are you fussing about, just grow up!"

  4. Okay, the piano player is too cute, but the big brother looking at the baby brother? Priceless. He's looking at the baby like "Why did my parents bring home the noisy kind?"

    Too funny...

  5. My first thought was:
    "What's its problem... and how do I make it stop?"

    Such a cute picture:)

  6. this is such a cute photo.. i love it! it definitely captured the moment!

  7. That is so cute... and my caption is...
    "If I just move my hand a little closer...I can plug him up and fix all this."

  8. What a sweet picture!

  9. HoHum...I was waiting to see who won and you eztended it. LOL So here is my next entry.

    "MOM, Pick a Winner so "IT" Will Be Quiet and you can exchange it for a Puppy!"


    "If I pinch him again will he stop? Where was that Power Switch"


    "MOM, Big Brother poked me in the eye!! Can I have his Ice Cream"


    "See I told you if you screamed loud enough they would pull out that funny thing they call a camera....Ham It Up Little Bro."

    LOL...Love Ya'... This has been fun.


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