Monday, June 8, 2009

New Border with Massages

Making Your Home Sing is a meme by Moms the Word. We share about how we can make our homes more homey and run more smoothly. We know our homes aren´t perfect but each day we can work just a little bit more to make them sing.
In a past post, I was paused by painting and declutterizing. We painted our living room, entryway/hallway and our bedroom. It was a very daunting task for me, but I am so happy with the results. It has helped make our house a little more homey and sing a little bit nicer.

Our entryway with the new border and paint.

Our boys have been working hard too, on making our home sing or sigh in this instance. A sigh of relaxation. It was a really nice surprise to come home to see a special sign on their door. They wanted to give us back massages. They got all dressed up as Physical Theripists and prepared their bedroom as a clinic. It was too cute.

Here are their prices.
(I am not sure what they mean by "clutch" or "tile" but they sure are inovative.)

Here is their clinic.

Here is my Shoulder "clutch" massage.

So, It´s not just Mommy that works at making the Home Sing, the whole family has a part. And this is just a little bit of how my boys show they care.
Making your home sing Mondays


  1. The room looks wonderful! Your boys are awesome...a massage, so sweet!!

  2. Love the new entry... just beautiful! Isn't it amazing how a change can feel so fresh?
    Such sweet boys you have:)

  3. Love the paint and the border. It is funny how little changes here and there can make such a big difference. I am comfused thoufh... is moving out of the question?

  4. Now, that would totally make me sing! LOL!

    That is so cute!!!!!!

    They will make great husbands one day!!

  5. So, did you get the Big Clutch, or the Small Clutch? ;o)

    Your house looks beautiful!!

  6. Thanks girls! Yeah, Lord willing they will make great husbands.

    Wish I could have you all over for a visit! ;)

  7. Oh how sweet! My son gives great massages. I'm not sure where he learned. But he's a little bit more expensive. He tries to charge $5. Can't blame a kid for trying to make a buck ;)

    Love the new entry way. You guys did a great job!

  8. Send those boys my way!!

    I'd love a "clutch" any day!!

    Your entryway looks Fab!!

  9. Your room is to pretty! Love what you did.

    Your boys are precious. Very creative! I wouldn't mind one myself right now!

    Thank you for joining. I will link you up!

  10. Your entry way looks lovely...your home is singing with happiness as it feels loved to its very walls!

    Have a terrific week!

  11. I love the entry way and the new border!

    Your boys are too cute!

    Blessings upon you and your family dear sister. Love you.

  12. You are so funny!!!! I do the same thing with my hubby. He'll walk by and I'll say "listen to this" or "read that!"

    I don't believe he ever reads my blog (unless I ask him to read something before I post it) so I know he's not reading anybody elses, lol!

  13. Clearly it's a little of both. I have waaaaay to much time on my hands AND I am a genius! LOL!

    ~ Nan

  14. Your home looks so warm and welcoming. Love the new look.

  15. Love the house!! I wish I could drop by! :) Your boys are so sweet, and very creative!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I'm sorry I don't comment more here. I love reading your posts, but I'm often short on time.
    I am hoping to break away from Abeka, but not because I don't like them. I love their program and I will always use their phonics. It's the best. Praying you find a happy balance that works for you. One nice thing about Homeschooling is that you can switch or change whenever necessary. Our family just needs a change right now.
    Have a great day!

  16. Where can I sign up for one of those massages? :-)


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