Friday, May 22, 2009

Paused By Paint!

Yes, that´s right. I have been paused by paint! Paint in the living room, paint in the bedroom and paint in the entryway and hall! We have been at it last night and all day today! Needless to say, my Fitness Friday post about "walking it off" is going to have to wait till next week.

But, I wanted to post something.



I couldn´t resist!

It is Photo Flashback Friday over at Alicia´s blog! We scan our old pre-digital photos and post them every Friday. It´s been so much fun!

This Photo Flashback is very sentimental for me. Here standing with my handsome groom and I, are both sets of my grandparents. Three of them have gone Home to be with the Lord while we have been on the mission field. This is how I remember them in my mind and heart. My grandma standing next to me is now 83 and still very healthy. I miss them so much! Some days I believe time has stood still on the other side of the ocean, and they are still as I see them here in this photo.

I thank God for my godly Grandparents!

Come on and join us for
Friday Photo Flashback


  1. Hi Dani Joy!!!

    I love this picture!!! It's so cute how many of us have showed our wedding pictures for this meme!!

    My grandparents on my moms side are still alive and they are 88 & 87. They are both really healthy too, and when I think of them, I still see them how they were when I was little!!

    LOL, I didn't go camping! My youngest son still has a cough, so we decided it was best for him to stay home. Bummers, right? NOT!! LOL!

    I hope you're having a wonderful evening, and have a great weekend!!

    OH..the favorite thingy tag is posting on my blog tomorrow!!! :)

  2. What a great photo, one of those priceless ones !!!

    What r u painting for? Are u not moving?

  3. What a beautiful picture! I love your dress. Grandparents are special people. I miss mine dearly.

    Have a great weekend my friend! Hope you get done with the painting soon!

  4. Que Hermoso Vestido!!!

    Have a Blessing Weekend!!

  5. Did you take before pics?

    So you can show all of us the difference?

    I'm really into these before/after pics now.....can you tell?!

    U love your wedding pic!

    Was it an outdoor wedding? In which state?

  6. What a great picture! Beautiful dress!

  7. I know this picture is special b/c of your grandparents, but I LOVE seeing people's wedding pics! Love these flashbacks!

  8. Oh, I love your wedding were a beautiful bride...I love that all your grandparents were with you...I always wished I'd had were blessed.

  9. What a precious post and pictures Dani Joy! You are a lovely bride! And what a treasure to have both sets at your wedding.

    Please share before and after painting pictures!

    Happy Memorial Day!

  10. Oh, that photo is great! And 5 moms have received your prayer request and we will all be praying over your congregation!

    Blessing to you today and your family.

  11. You're such a funny girl!!

    Love that photo, you look beautiful!

  12. What a perfect picture! I love wedding photos. You look beautiful.

  13. This is so fun. How cute. What a blessing to have Godly grandparents!


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