Friday, June 5, 2009

First Meeting

Alicia started "Friday Photo Flashback" because she had so many pictures from her PRE-digital camera days. She thought it would be fun to scan them and share them with everyone. We are having so much fun doing this. Come along and join the ride or just head on over to check out all the other flashbacks.

My flashback this week is traveling back 13 years ago to when I first met my husband´s family. Some of them are not in this picture for one reason or another but here is the wonderful family I married into.
(Oh, btw, that´s me on the right just in case the closed eyes and the funky hair doo had you guessing.)

*To see their recent trip to visit us in Gijón, (Asturias) Spain, just scroll down a couple of posts.


  1. I love it! you are so cool!
    Have a Blessing Friday!

  2. Love the funky hairdo :) Fun family photo!

  3. After seeing your recent pictures of their trip, I'm amazed at this photo!!

    You both look so and Bro. Joe!!

    How old were you? Were you married yet?

  4. I had just met his family. It was the first year we had been dating if I remember correctly. I think this was taken the Summer of 1996. We were babies. LOL
    We were married the next Christmas. I was to turn 21 this summer.

  5. How precious! I love the look too (smile). Blessings!

  6. What a nice memory! It's still a good photo, even though your eyes are closed. :)

  7. I'll bet that little girl is all grown up now, lol!

    I sometimes wonder how I manage to blink my eyes at exactly the wrong time too. It's a gift!

  8. I'm glad you pointed yourself out because I would have never known if that was your or the little girl in the front!!'re too cute!!!!!

    Were you nervous to meet them for the first time????

  9. Oh I always manage to close my eyes too! I can tell that you really love your husband's family--what a blessing!!

  10. I bet that was a joyous time meeting your husband's family! great picture!

    this is the first blog I've commented on that was a mixture of Spanish (I think) and English. It was fun guessing what I needed to click to leave a comment.

    enjoy your weekend



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