Monday, March 15, 2010

I love Gijón!

It´s so great to love the city that God has called you to!

I could never have imagined myself as a city girl, but Gijón is a small enough city that I feel comfortable!

this is almost the view from our apt. (if you stick your head out of the window.)

I can walk everywhere. I don´t have to drive to do my shopping. I grab my shopping cart, ( a handy dandy bag type stroller with two wheels) and go to the near by grocery store. I can almost fit a whole week´s groceries into that shopping cart! Then I roll it home. It´s a great workout too!
(My cart isn´t this cute though.)

I have posted about where we live and minister on other occations, but I just felt like sharing more about this wonderful city.

(The beach only a 15 minute walk from our apartment)

 I always dreamed about living near the mountains and a large body of water. I love both! Can you believe it is a desire the Lord put on my heart as a child. He knew I would need to be in a place I loved, because I would be so far away from my dear family.

 the Peaks of Europe (only an hour away)

Even, though it rains a lot here in Gijón, Spain, the green, lush, mild summers make up for the long rainy winters. We grin and bare the rains, knowing that that is what makes our area beautiful! (some of us grin anyway.) Did I mention that the winter rains are long?

It´s worth everyday we are here. God has called us to this city. Time is short, so we need to live everyday for Him.

Making today count,

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  1. Looks like a wonderful city. I'm glad you love it!


  2. I had never heard of this city UNTIL I met you. :o) It sounds lovely Dani. Isn't is wonderful that God gave you your heart's desires while you are serving Him? He is so good to us!

    Love & hugs!

  3. I know I knew this before...guess I just forgot....but you live VERY close to the coast!! Didn't realize you could see it from your apt!

    Gijón is so very beautiful!!

  4. Dani Joy, that is so amazingly beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. Beautiful city, Dani, and how cool to be able to walk to the store! How awesome to be at the beach within minutes!

    Thanks for linking up today.

  6. Just curious...have you always loved it?

  7. OH Yes, Karen! But when we first came to Spain we weren´t here. WE were in the Barcelona area for two years, then we worked in a nearby city for 4 years. When we knew God was calling us to Gijón to finally start a church plant, He put a love in our hearts for the city! It of course has grown on us over these 5 years too! =)

  8. It's an awesome thought tha no matter where we were born, God created us to fit in a specific place of service. There's nothin' like being at home in the center of God's will!

  9. Wow, it is beautiful there, Dani! It's so lush & green! Not like the hills here in CA! LOL

  10. Amen! And it looks like a beautiful place to serve Him. I pray many blessings over you, your family and your ministry. Take care my sweet friend!

  11. What a beautiful place to live,
    you are very blessed :)

  12. Sadly, I meet a lot of missionary wives who are not too enthusiastic about the new land they will be ministering to. Not that I blame them, leaving the US would be very hard. It is a breath of fresh air though, when I meet a lady who is excited about her future in a new country! Thanks for being one of those!

  13. Dear Contreras Family,

    Perhaps you remember when the Loveday missionaries gave me your info when I was looking for someone in Gijón. I have a friend in Gijón. When I saw the pictures of the beautiful street where she walks, when I saw the views she has shared with me, in your page, my heart broke for her.

    She is afraid to go to visit you, she is afraid to call you, she needs Jesus, but her Catholic roots, and family are very strong, and she is afraid.

    She knows about the salvation, she had prayed with me twice. But then, just fear to call you, lots of fear to go to visit your church.

    I love her so much. I love her family, I pray for you can visit her home some day.

    God bless your ministry there,
    Lolita, desde Cleveland, OH, USA... in Jesus Christ's love.

  14. Dear Lolita,
    Could you please send me your friends address and phone number again by e mail.

    Thank you, Valerie for your encouragement! And all you special ladies! You all are so special to me! You help hold the ropes.

    Dani Joy

  15. Gracias querida Dani, muchas gracias.
    Esperando noticias, cualesquiera que ellas sean.
    He estado orando por ella y ustedes. Mi corazón está muy quebrantado por ella.
    Gracias, los amo en Cristo. Dios los siga bendiciendo.

  16. what a wonderful post! our daughter leaves in early June for a year in Honduras, your blog in so encouraging! Blessings ~Deb


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