Friday, March 12, 2010

Three Little "OLD" Men

Here are my three little "OLD" men, especially Michael in the middle!

This picture was taken in Spain in 2001.

Here is a more recent picture from our 2008 furlough at their Grandma´s house in California.  A little less formal. Ok, a lot less formal. You can totally see their charaters shining through.

Enjoying them while we have them.


  1. They grow so quickly don't they? What handsome young boys they are Dani!

  2. Oh my...Michael does look like a "little ol' man" in that first picture!! How funny!

    They are so handsome though...I can't get over how very handsome they are!!

  3. Hilarious the second picture. One looks a little reserved, one looks a little spry (sp?) and one looks a little cuddly! 3 boys make never for a dull moment. - Mine are getting big.... (tear) Enjoy them while they're small! Great pictures!

  4. Your little men are too cute! I lvoe them in their tiny ties :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!

  5. Your boys are darling! I love the comparison photos to see how they've grown.


  6. LOL, boys!!

    Dani, they are so handsome!!!!!!!

    Cute then, and cute now!

  7. Your boys are just precious...isn't it fun to see how much they've grown in such a short time? It is actually amazing to me and I am humbled to have been trusted with my children.

  8. They look so adorable in their ties!!!


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