Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Nix the Fix - Week Six!

It´s the End of Week SIX of the Christmas Crunch Challenge!

Ladies , I have designed a special way for you to catch up in points and crunch it even more seriously.

If you are involved in our challenge, head on over and find out how you can get loads of points, and get healthy doing it!

I am calling this week´s special...

NIX the FIX!

We are going to start counting points for healthy eating. You will be able to earn a point for every healthy portion of food you eat, but be mindful the unhealthy, sugary, starchy, fatty, junk foods cause you to lose points!

We are going to keep the blog open through the Christmas season, so if you think you would like to join our private fitness blog, you may. Just send me an e mail at danijoy2spain@gmail.com

If you join, you can see how the challenge is going, learn what is working for others, get fitness tips, links and much much more! Also, you can start getting geared up for our next challenge after the holiday season. (to be announced)

Don´t throw in the towel, ladies! It isn´t a no win battle. Believing that you can´t change, is a lie! You have all the tools you need to change your lifestyle, to be healthy and fit!

Come on. What are you waiting for?



  1. I so sorry ,you probably have gave up on me,
    Its been so hard ever since the week of thanksgiving,
    I am still in though, :o)


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