Thursday, November 5, 2009

Missionary Call

Missionary Call

by Patricia Finrow Clark

We want to go to Heaven,

But we cannot find the way.

Won´t someone come to tell us,

To teach us how to pray?

We want to go to Heaven,

But which idol tells us true?

Oh, children of America,

We´re waiting now for you!

Mayby you can not go to a forgein field, but you can give $5. Just think, your $5 donation could allow you to receive one of these cultural gifts from around the world!

The Candle in the Corner giveaway, is well underway. There is one more week to give and win one of these wonderful gifts.

Do you know where they are from? Can you guess? Click on them to see how well you know the different cultures around the world. You will be amazed at the things you will learn from your missionaries.

Don´t forget to click on the chip in or go to Moms Ministry and More for your oportunity to receive one of these precious gifts.


  1. Hey, my email is not
    jnkbull @ gmail . com

  2. I'll have to check this out, Dani!!

  3. You go girl!

    I love ya...been super busy...but want to catch up with you soon.

    I'm still going to the gym and eating better...but no time to post about it or weight/measure....

    One day I won't feel like I'm running 30 minutes late to day!

    Love you sweetie!

  4. So glad to meet you! This giveaway has been fun! Praying for your family and your ministry!

  5. Hey its been so long since Ive left you a comment ,it has been crazy this way .SORRY..
    I love what yall are doing,

  6. Love this! What a creative and compelling post!


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