Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Christmas Crunch!

It´s that time! We all are getting geared up for the holidays. I know, Thanksgiving is first, but for some reason my mind just jumped straight to Christmas. Then my mind went to New Years. Then to last years New Year´s goals. This past January, I set a goal, which I have not met yet. It may seem compulsive to some, but to me it´s a new handle on life. My fitness journey started with a prayer, developing into a joy and a new lease on life. I would love for others to enjoy this as well.

This is why I present to you the...

I am getting so excited about this. Already there are more than 10 ladies interested. Yes, It is a ladies only private blog.  Now aren´t you interested???? Wouldn´t you like to get fit and know you are getting healthier for your family and for your service to Jesus??? Well, you can!

Let me explain.

When will it take place?

This challenge will run from October 28 till December 23, at which time I will award the 1st place winner with a $15 online gift certificate and the 2nd and 3rd place winners with $5 online gift certificates. All participants will also receive an e-certificate with the amount of points earned on their Christmas Crunch!

How do you earn points?

There will be 5 catagories:

weight - 1 point for every pound lost
inches/cm - 2 points for every inch lost and 1 point for ever centimeter lost. (which ever you choose to measure in)
Posting - one point for ever post you make
Exercise -  1 point for every 20 minutes of exercise you do.
Healthy diet tips and recipes - 1 point for the post and 1 point for the tip or recipe in that post (only possible 2pts here).

Now, I probably won´t be able to keep track of it all. REALLY?! ? So you will be set up with your own tracker on the blog. You sign on and adjust your points accordingly. I will try to monitor it all as well. (no cheaties, ladies)

It would be great if we all could get to know each other before the kick off so I will be inviting and opening up the blog to you all soon for introductions and more instructions. I will be posting some diet information if you do not have a plan to follow as of yet.  Posting will not count till Wednesday October 28, though.

Any questions please feel free to ask away. This is a topic I am growing to love! Keeping fit and healthy is a goal for life, not just in our 20s and 30s. So why not start now!

Let this Christmas be a Christmas that you remember for a lifetime, not only because you feel healthier but because of the One who gave you the strength to achieve your goals.

Let´s Crunch it, ladies!


  1. I was afraid you were going to make me measure. Must I also admit how much I weigh? I may suffer shock from embarrassment.

    Really, it all sounds good and contests are great motivators for me. Thanks for doing this!


  2. Oh Fringe girl, You can do as much or as little as you want. ;) the more you do the more points you earn though. LOL That´s why I wanted to make it a private blog. Never wanted to post my weight either.

    You can post how many pounds you have lost but you yourself must weigh and know next week so you have a referance point. It would be great if we could all post so it gives us all a referance point. I will be posting what I was and how I have gotten to where I am now. Motivational pointers and fitness helps. Lord willing. Have so much going on in my head. ;)

    WE can do all things through Christ who strenghtens us! He is your strength from day to day. With out Him I would fail.

    Crunch it!

  3. Okay....Christmas Crunch..here I come!

    I'm gonna Crunch away all that Swiss Chocolate I ate today!!


    Can't wait to begin!!

    That's a cool little doddle you got for folks to leave you a message if they're interested....you can find all the goodies online, can't you?!

  4. I hope you are feeling better!!!

    Christmas is coming up way too fast!

  5. I'm glad it's a ladies only blog. Once, when I was losing the 20 lbs. that I lost a gal mentioned an accountability website. Turns on that men are on it too.

    I said no thank you, I just did not feel it was appropriate since I was married, but that's just me. I just didn't feel comfortable.

    I am excited, and yes I did think about making those cookies today, lol!

  6. Sounds like I would like to do this. I got really worn down the last two months, and have been lax. Can we start tomorrow????

    Hubby and I are getting after it tomorrow. Only 2lbs gained during the summer, but I can tell a difference in inches:(

  7. I'm in! I'll post how much I lose, but I won't post what I weigh now. That's top secret information and falls in the I-could-tell-you-but-then-I'd-have-to-kill-you category. : )

  8. Wow, hard to believe we're already gearing up for CHRISTMAS! Where on earth did the time go????

  9. I'm ready !!!
    shoot it to me !!!!!lol

  10. I never have measured. I'm not sure I would measure in the right places. And argh ... I've been afraid to get on the scales lately. I haven't stepped on in a month. Shaking!!!!

    I want to do it. My fall challenged tanked big time. :o(

    My email: bethkferrell@aol.com

    (I just added a recent weight loss photo to my blog.)


  11. Hmmm, I'll consider it! I need to lose the rest of this baby weight, but I'm scared to fail publicly! LOL!!!

  12. Wow, you are so energetic!!! I would LOVE to do this, but don't know if I actually would or not :)
    Would you consider doing it again around March or so? We go on stateside in June!

  13. We shall see if I can do another one come March. It would help reinforce what we are doing right now.

  14. You are so creative! I hope lots and lots of people sign up and succeed!

    Love you!

  15. I really want to catch the "love" for this topic. Have to admit... not feeling it. I want to look back and smile on this time as meaningful. It is worth it! Going to try the "I don't have to feel it to do it approach." Lord give me strength...

  16. Karen sent me on over .... i'm also not feeling the love but I think this kind of challenge and contest may be what it will take to get me off my backside and moving. Hopefully there will be a little visible result as well.

  17. I get it. took me a bit, Karen. jeje. Yeah, it´s hard to "love" to exercise and love tocut back on things we like to eat. I am totally a feel good eater. I use to eat to make myself feel good. but we can feel good without eating junk. I have replaced those junk foods with good snacks that I love. Almonds have become one of my best food friends.

  18. Ok, today is Wed. Oct. 28th and the Crunch has begun. What I´m not getting is where we are to post our progress and how that is going to come about. I´m new to blogs, so I need help. Thanks.

  19. Can I join now? I've been working on my goal since Monday, but it would be fun to be a part...although I know I didn't start with you gals.


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