Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Candle in the Corner Event - Kick off!

It is such a privalege to be a part of this Candle in the Corner blog event! 

It is Kick Off day!
It is also Early Bird Extra Entry day. Heidi explains what it is all about.

"Today, October 27, is Early Bird Extra Entry Day!! To thank you for your help in kicking this event off, we are giving double entries to anyone who donates today! I know what all the items are and this chance at double entries is one you will regret not taking, take my word for it!!

For those still doubtful (oh ye of little faith), here are the countries the items are coming from:





~South Africa







So go! Donate today and get ready for an exciting two weeks! Then you can watch my first vlog. Disclaimer free. "
Please come back tomorrow to read about the "candle" that is lit in Gijón, Spain!


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