Friday, September 25, 2009


This weeks Friday Photo Flashback is from the more recent past, a little more than 7 years ago. Our youngest had just undergone open heart surgury to correct a hole between his left and right ventrical wall. The hole was more than an inch in diameter. His poor heart just couldn´t pump hard enough. His heart had grown to almost half the size of his chest.

Michael had just turned 1 the week before. This picture is the only picture I have of his time in the hospital. He was in ICU for 2 days and then only 3 more days in our own room. He healed so fast! He was such a trooper! The doctors told us we would probably be there a total of 10 days. We were planning to stay in Madrid for 2 weeks but we got to go home after only a week. The very first thing Michael did when he got home after his open heart surgery, was to climb the stairs for the first time. His surgery was a total success!

We praise God for His great Healing Hand over our little Michael. He is now a tall, scrapy, healthy, eight year old. There is no evidance of the patch they put over the hole. His body has totally assimulated it into his heart tissue. Amazing!
Mommy and Michael, June 2002

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  1. Oh my, were you a nervous wreck?

    My dad had two open heart surgeries (19 years apart) because it didn't last and he needed to have another.

    Anyway, I had to bring him home from the hospital and I was so nervous! I was afraid we'd get in a fender-bender or something and that it would endanger his heart. He just seemed so fragile.

    You'd never know from looking at your son, he is so healthy today.

    When my youngest was little we had to go to the hospital a few times and he had a few EKGs (very interesting on a baby, huh?) and it was a big deal but it all turned out o.k.

  2. Wow, what a powerful testimony!

    I had a son that almost had to have that surgery. His hole closed on it's on.

    I'll never forget all those doctor apts his first year, scary.

    I'm so blessed he is a healthy beautiful boy now.

    I never found out what part of Spain my friends are in. I promise I will and come back and tell you.


  3. Nan, I was doing a lot of praying, that´s for sure, and I really truly felt the Hand of God calming me. He answered in so many ways.

    The only day I really felt out of sorts was the day I had to leave him in ICU. That was so so hard!

    Susan, I am so glad your son´s heart healed on it´s own. There are more than 50% of innocent heart mummurs that do. But all those dr. visits do take their toll.

  4. Oh, Dani..what a wonderful testimony!!! God is so awesome!! I couldn't imagine having my little ones going through heart surgery. I can imagine how huge that trial was in your lives!!!!!

  5. Praise the Lord!! My best friend's baby boy had a heart transplant when he was just 2 weeks old and he is a perfectly healthy 15 year old boy now. So glad your little pumpkin's heart is as good as new now. God IS good isn't He?? ♥

  6. El poder de Dios es enorme! Que hermoso testimonio =) Tu bebe es todo un campeon que bendicion tan mas grande =)

  7. Glory to God! So glad to hear your son is healthy and well! Beautiful picture. :-D

  8. Wow, that is amazing! I did not realize that you all went through that. Praise God for his healing!!

  9. The Lord is good. We are trusting God about our son David's heart condition. It is always good to hear how God worked in different cases. It is sweet to trust in Jesus.

  10. Wow! Praise God for His grace and for good doctors. I'm glad your son is well!!!


  11. Yes it did get tiring because he cried every time I did it. I kept saying "Then stop putting food in your hair and I won't have to wash it!"


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