Monday, September 28, 2009

I must post!

I don´t have a lot of time today. I feel like I am doing 100 things at once. Getting dinner ready to take to a missionary get-together, finishing school with the boys, and blogging are only some of them. Of course, there are always the little things that come up, like phone calls, questions, and snacks.

It enters my mind maybe once that I shouldn´t be blogging this post, but that´s out of the question. It must be done. I must link to another blog post I wrote. I must post for Nan´s meme because, my home is really singing today. Except maybe, for one of my boys who seems to be dragging a bit, but life will go on. It must! I must post!

What is so important that I must blog about it and not let another day pass? It´s so big! It just can´t wait. At my rate, I wouldn´t get it posted till Friday, if I wait. I am bursting with motherly pride of my son´s God given talent and hard work. We give God all the glory. He played his first guitar duet with his daddy yesterday for our church services. Andrew is only 9 years old, taking right after his daddy who started playing guitar at the age of nine.

Also, go and check out here what we did Saturday in beautiful Asturias, Spain. We were able to distribute 400 envelopes of hope to a nearby coastal town. What is an envelope of hope? Well, you just have to go on over and find out.

It´s done.. I posted! Life can go on now. Now to get the food out of the oven and jet on over to our fellow missionary friend´s house in the nearby city.


  1. What a Beautiful post Daniela!!
    Me encanto tu video, gracias por que voy a empezar un gran dia recordando esa linda melodia!
    Cual es el nombre de esa cancion? es muy bella!
    Tu hijo es muy suertudo por tener a su Padre como maestro!
    Mi Padre nos enseno a todos a tocar la guitarra, fue algo muy especial!
    Que tengas un hermoso dia!
    Te quiero!

  2. How sweet, I know yall are so proud...

  3. Amen! Gloria a Dios!
    Thanks for posting. Quite the "animo" I would say. Special "recuerdos" for sure.

    Sorry for my bi-lingual post. That's how I think and speak sometimes, and its helps when the other person understands too. :-)

    Dando gloria a Dios x Uds.,

  4. Wow, Dani Joy, that is fabulous! Congratulations...I can see why you were bursting with excitement over this!

  5. Yea for him, great job! You must be so proud and that was defiantly worth blogging about!

    have fun at your get-to-gether!

  6. Very cool Dani Joy! Love your momma enthusiasm about it!

  7. Hi Dani Joy... I noticed you had posted a comment on this site...Grace at Life PerQus Plus

    I was wondering if you knew anything about her health? Concerned for her as she use to follow my blog and I've been praying for her.

    Thanks so much..

  8. That is so precious!! You must have burst your buttons with pride!

  9. Hi Dani! I don't see the video!!

    Did you put it on FB too? I'll have to check there!!

    It is a blessing to see our kids play instruments to worship the Lord!! My eldest son was 9 also when he started playing the guitar!!

  10. Awesome. What a precious moment that is!

    You are doing an amazing job for the Lord.

    My middle daughter is in Cameroon, Africa working at a mission hospital. I miss her!

  11. A budding musician, how precious Dani Joy! And what a blessing to play with his daddy. A precious heritage he has! One of my favorite *things* in life is to listen to our children play or sing music, so my mama's heart delights with you Dani Joy.

    Abundant blessings to you!

  12. OH wow! He did a great job! You have every right to be a proud mama. I pray he grows in his talent and desire to use it for God's Kingdom.

    Take care my friend!
    I pray you've had a great week!


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