Friday, August 14, 2009

Back Together Again and Then "Babywise".

I have been wanting to post about my hubby´s return from California. He went away for a week to be in his youngest brother´s wedding. We were so happy he could be there but it´s always hard to be apart. It sure does make being together sweeter.

Here is Michael our youngest with Daddy on Tuesday night when we picked him up from the bus station. He had had a full day flight and then a 6 hour ride in bus to get home.

Here we are enjoying the Meatloaf, rice and corn on the cob welcome home dinner.

Ahhhhhh!!!! A week is a week and I won´t ever like being away from him.

and for
Friday Photo Flashback

This is then.


Three under the age of three. Three in diapers! Three sets of everything!

I thank the Lord for the book "On Becoming Babywise".

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My mom and grandma were thousands of miles away and this book helped me schedule my babies´ metabolisms so that they all were taking naps together and going to bed together by the time the youngest was three months of age. ( a week of his second month was spent in the hospital undergoing tests for his extra large heart murmur which was later operated on when he was a year old.)

Every baby is different but every baby has a metabolism. The theory behind Babywise is a Christ centered home, not a baby centered one. So we schedule the baby. (with flexibility of course. This took me time to learn)

The key is this...

Baby eats

Baby has wake time

Baby sleeps

And the cycle repeats, but the importance is the order. The happy wake time. Not too much not too little. The goal is a happy baby who sleeps well. Sleep is of utmost importance to a baby, because it is when a baby develops most.

The milk the baby gets is important too. Which the book explains in detail as well. It explains why a baby who falls a sleep nursing is not getting the full milk necessary. The baby should nurse for the full nursing period and then have wake time. I stress this because this is what regulates their metabolism.

Of course, I am summerizing a whole book in one paragraph. My reason in doing so is, I feel, a strong burden to share this, not because I was perfect at it, but because it was a blessing for us, for our marriage and our family. It was a base that we could build upon.

I rarely give advice on my blog. I rarely get preachy, ( I hope I don´t anyway) but I pray this can be a blessing for those of you new mommies out there or those veterans who maybe wondering why "this" baby is so different or for those who have multiple babies.

I enjoyed reminiscing with you all today.

God bless you and your little ones!


  1. I can't even imagine three everything at one time!!

    Oh, Dani..I bet you were all soooooooo excited to pick up your husband, as I'm sure he was just as excited to see his his beautiful family!!

    Your family is so precious!!!!!

    Oh, and I've heard about that book before! I've always heard wonderful things about it!!

  2. Great photos, and girl.... you are looking so good, I am sure by now you have gone shopping or something because there is no way you fit in your old clothes. Good job!!!!

    I heard about babywise, I did something similar, or really what I did was a convination of babywise and a couple other things. I took babywise for evenings and nights, and did something else during the day. It worked for me.

  3. I just love your pictures!! And don't you worry about being "preachy" - we all get excited about something that works for us - especially with babies!! I think your dog enjoyed the welcome home dinner, too!! Have a great weekend ~

  4. I'm so glad that your hubby is backI(as I'm sure you are!).

    3 in diapers!!! I rembember being so excited to not have to buy diapers anymore. Cute photo!!

  5. Dani Joy, seeing the pic of all 3 under 3 was soo cute! Mom's that can do that are super heroes in my book!

    And the pic of you and hubby look SO pretty!!

    xoxo, Veronica in CA

  6. You are blessed with such a sweet & beautiful family! I love all the pictures.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I was born and grew up in Thailand. I came to America in 1989 after graduating to study for my Master's degree. It is not a normal occurrence to receive a diploma from the king himself. (As far as I know from the time I lived there), only those who graduate from Chulalongkorn University (the best/the most prominent university in Thailand) have that honor :).

  7. I totally agree about Babywise. It is awesome! As a mother of five kids I can say that if it wasn't for the principles we learned in Babywise I would only have one child. Our first child was a lu-lu, but these methods made life possible!

  8. hi! you're bless to have a filipino husband.He looked familiar? from where in the phil? have u been in our country? I am from cagayan de Oro city and Im a pastor's wife...

  9. Que felicidad has deber sentido cuando tu esposo regreso! No me imagino estar yo lejos de mi esposo. Mi esposo trabajo de camionero de petroleo por 4 años y mis hijos y yo viajabamos con el. Por 4 años vivimos en hoteles y fue muy divertido☺

    Las fotos de tus bebes estan preciosa me encantan. Es tan linda tu familia!
    Dani que tengas un sabado hermoso!!

  10. 3 in diapers at the same time? I'd rather have one in diapers for almost 10 years like I at a time!

    I hate when my husband travels, even though I know he loves it. I do miss him so much. Your picture with your husband is terrific.

  11. Aren't you glad the 3 in diapers days are over. I love it that my kids are so much more independent!

    I LOVE your picture! You are "the incredible shrinking woman". Good for you! Keep up the great work! and you both look SO happy to see each other again. =) What a blessing to see!

  12. I too used that book as a guide, and am so thankful I did. My kids napping, falling asleep on their own, and napping together shocked everyone!

    It was a little difficult to let the cry it out...especially my first child...but was all worth it.

  13. Oh wow! 3 under 3! I'm so glad you found something that worked for you could keep your sanity! :) I tried babywise with my 2 girls and I ended up just getting so frustrated and I'd cry wondering what in the world is wrong with me because I couldn't get it to work. It's worked for everyone else I know who has done it. They'd always nurse then fall asleep. I tried everything I could think of to keep them awake-even cold rags on their faces and they'd still sleep. So I didn't even try it with Kaleb and wouldn't you know it, he put himself right into the schedule that they recommend in that book!!! He's always enjoyed a good awake period after he eats.

    I'm glad your dh made it back safely from his trip. What a long day of travel for him! 6 hours in a bus! I bet he was so glad to see your smiling faces after all that.

  14. Love the pictures. You look so pretty, my friend. Love the backside of your dog, what kind is he (I forgot)?

    I don't remember if my babies fell asleep after nursing or not. To long ago.

    However, I did have my kids on a schedule and it really did help alot. I think it's important that kids have a decent bed time.

  15. I think I saw that book at Goodwill today! You are such a blessing! I will store that info in my mind for future info when I become a mother one day! I worked in a Christian daycare for awhile, I told my mama that the Lord was training me when I had to be able to change 20 2 year old's diapers and keep them from biting, running out the door, and get them up from their nap without help! (The other teacher was on her lunch hour!)
    haha...I learned many things during that time!
    Have a great Sunday!


  16. Oh...I've heard and used this book with my oldest. What a Godsend! Even though he was autistic at the time (and we didn't know it) the book was AWESOME in establishing routines I needed to give him a great start. I used it also with my middle and last one as well. Praise the Lord for this book. and! that's a long way. Hope he had a good trip!

  17. Praise the LORD that your hubby is home. Awesome! I'm so glad. I understand as my husband and I are the same way. We don't like to be apart not even for a day.

    Your family is so precious.

    Love and hugs.

  18. I know you so glad he his home,
    if you are anything like me & my kids,somethings just not right when daddys away ?
    have a good week.

  19. Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I've been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!



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