Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kreativ Blogger!!! Love IT!!!

I have to admit it. I can´t deny it. I know it maybe a sin but well, I hope this is the sinless type but, there is no getting around it.

I am proud of this award.

Thank you, Pilar! It´s so sweet!

The gag is I have to write 7 things you may not know about me. Don´t you know everything already???? If you know these things just pretend you haven´t heard them before. Ok?

1. When I was born I had colic for the first three months. I think the way the story goes is that I cried so hard I herniated my belly button. Maybe, I was born that way, I can´t remember. My mom cut all my baby pictures just above that point so I have no idea what it looked like. She said she didn´t want to remember it. Needless to say, we got it fixed, but you ain´t ever gonna see it!

2. I like animals but I am not a total animal lover. They are here on earth for our enjoyment. Right? When I was about my boys age, I had hamster babies. Well, not me, my hamsters, silly! You know how you aren´t suppose to touch them because the mama hamster will eat them, well, my mama hamster was different. We could play with the little "jelly beans" all we wanted. They had little peach fuzz and they would get all confused when you put them in the skirt part of your nighty. We (my mom and I) would toss them up and watch them fly and then gently catch them again in the lap part of our nighties. It was so funny!

3. When I was in highschool, I played soccer on the Jr. Varsity and Varsity levels. It was so hard for me at first. I was so uncoordinated and out of shape. My first year playing, I had shin splints so badly that I hobbled when I played. I played defense so this wasn´t a big problem till one game a big girl bullied me and kicked me you know where. Right in my shins!! I was out flat! All I could hear on the sidelines was.."Get going, Dani! Get Going!" I was so frustrated that year. Finally got the hang of soccer by my Junior year though.

Is this sort of like seven confessions?

4. When I was 7, we went camping up in Canada. We were having a grand ol´time until one evening my mom and I were playing around, and she had me sitting on top of her feet in the air. You know a reverse airplane ride. If you don´t know what I am talking about, just play along. She then decided to throw me through the air. A real live airplane ride, right? Wrong. Remember, I just said I was clumsy? I was so clumsy, that what my mom thought an innocent toss ended up putting me on my hind end landing on my hands and breaking my elbow bone. What a memorable vacation that was. (of course no one believed me when I told them it was broken.)

How many is that??? pheww this is hard!

5. My mom and I have a special talent. We don´t have to announce it, for it happens with out us knowing it. We speak our words mixed up and backwards. I wanted to write some of them but alas I can´t think of them now. They just come out at the funniest moments.

6. I love the fact that I taught my boys how to read. I love ABEKA phonics!


7. I get nervous every school year because I don´t stick to my schedule and end up getting too flexible. I rebel against my own schedule. Go figure.

Ok, there ya have it, but I don´t know if I feel better getting all that off my chest or not.

Now to nominate 7 other kreativ bloggers. As, Pilar said, it´s so hard to pick but here goes. Oh, and if you received one from Pilar, I think you are awesome too, just want to get someone who hasn´t received one yet.

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Now girls, your turn! Thanks for being so fun and creative that I keep coming back for more!


  1. I never noticed number 5 on you..????

    Love this tag, love reading about all those things :) Thanks for doing it! :)

  2. Oh I liked it too!

    You might not have noticed because it usually only happens late at night with my mom and I when we are super silly. LOL and I definitly get all tongue tied in Spanish. That´s usually a huge laugh for everyone.

  3. I love tags like this, Dani!! I think the answers are always so interesting!!

    OUCH on the broken elbow & shin injuries!!!!!!!!

  4. Thanks, Dani Joy. How sweet of you! And I loved reading your very candid list. Great sense of humor there. :)

  5. Love ya, love ya, love ya! Could you be any sweeter? I can't wait to post about my award..whoohoo... if you could see me now, you would notice I am patting myself on the back, ha ha!

    After reading your post, I think we really might be related! I too am so clumsy, get tongue tied-especially in spanish-so much so that I think I should see someone about it, I also taught my boys to read, and TOTALLY get nervous every school year because I also rebel against my own schedule. Phew...I think I have done enough confessing for one night.

    xoxo, Veronica in CA

  6. Oh, btw, I do follow the Lockwood's. What a super mom she is, huh? I got to check out that book, too. Let me know what you think, in case you read it first.xoxo

  7. You are such an encouragement to me! Thank you so much, sweet friend! I've been getting caught up on your blog and I have to say -- You look great! Hope your transition into homeschool goes smoothly!


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