Monday, July 6, 2009

The Unofficial Ministry Update and My Romantics

I say "Unofficial Ministry Update" because my hubby writes the official one. He will be writing our bi-monthly prayer letter soon, but I am just overflowing with thanksgiving and praise that I must share what the Lord did last night.
We have been praying for a couple of families who have not been coming to church or going any where for some time. They all came last night! As if they had planned to all come together, in they walked one after the other. The Lord had touched all their hearts to be in His House.

The other amazing aspect of last night´s church service was the message the Lord gave my hubby Pastor. I know the Lord gave him this message before these families had even planned to come to church. My hubby had no idea they were going to come this night. The message was on the 4 types of Christians, or believers, based on principles from the story of David and Goliath.

1. Those Christians who waver and are afraid to confront the giant of unbelief of this world.
1 Samuel 17:11, 24

2. Those Christians who discourage and criticize those who want to stand out for Christ. v. 28 Instead Heb. 10:23-24 tells us we should be encouragers.

3. Those Christians who encourage but don´t want to be the ones to do God´s bidding themselves. V. 37-39 Saul, was so encourging of David going out to Goliath, but why didn´t he want to go himself?

4. Those Christians who want to stand up for Christ before the giant of unbelief in our society. Go all the way! V. 26, 34. David is an example of doing God´s will no matter the "Giants" in our path. Then, those who feared before were influenced by David´s example and joined in the battle.

We have a Great God who is greater than any giant you may be facing in your life right now. The giant of unbelief in the 21st century cries out to Christianity, "Give me a man!", doubting the efficacy of the Gospel. May we be like David and be the one to show the giant of unbelief what our great God can do! My hubby concluded this message by asking what type of Christian are you today?
Praying to be a Christian who goes all the way for Christ, like David.
Praying for our brethern who heard this message last night. May they take strength and grow more faithful.

Here are some pictures of our weekend with two other missionary families. We had attended a conference on the family and had some wonderful time of fellowship.

We hosted everyone in Gijón for sight seeing and a dinner.

MKs doing what they do best. Hmmm???

The whole group. Missionaries to the Pais Vasco area of Spain from Mexico, The Alvarez Family, (pictured on the left) their friend, Sarah from the States, Amos, (brother from our church and our Asturian Guide) Missionaries to Oviedo, Spain, from Mexico, the Rodriguez family(in the middle), and my family(pictured on the right with my boys up front)

This is an old Asturian drying house called an Horreo. (pronounced oreo like the cookie)
Notice the old wooden shoes. These are the real thing. Real live madreñas.

They are still in use.

And for Making Your Home Sing Monday meme hosted by Moms the Word, I post this picture of the flower my boys picked in the forest for me. It was the only one of it´s kind in the whole area. Maybe they will grow up to be romantic, sensitive young men after all.

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  1. Rejoicing with you, my friend!
    Have a great week!
    Beautiful flower from the boys.

  2. I came on earlier but my computer locked up, but everything is alright now.

    Praise the Lord for His answers to your prayer! Loved what your hubby preached on too.

    Pretty flower from your precious boys! Have a great day!

    And thanks for participating today!

  3. Nice post - it's wonderful to see the Lord at work!

  4. That is so exciting the way God worked to bring those families all on the same night!

    I really appreciated your dh's sermon. Being completely sold out to God has been on my heart lately. I'm getting tired of being on the sidelines, you know? I've been praying for something more in my life.

    Your boys are sweet! Beautiful flower.

  5. Hi Dani Joy!!! You are awesome and it is precious to see you doing God's work and see the gospel being spread. I know it is not as easy as you make it look! God bless you and your family for serving His kingdom with genuine love for His people. Bless you so much.

  6. That's awesome about those families coming to church! I'll be praying that they will come back again!

    Loved the pictures too! You all look good! And I would like to see the feet that wears those wooden shoes!

  7. Hi Dani Joy!!! Hey I had to let you know I put your name in my blog because I had fun playing your caption game so I am taking it from you.... come play!!

  8. Oh wow! It's so good to know that God is still in the miracle business. Never give up my friend. God is doing mighty things through you and your family!

    Love the flowers! Your boys are too cute!

  9. Amen! God is good!

    Hopefully those two family will come back again tonight!!

  10. Sounds like a great message your hubby preached!


  11. I love how those families all came in together. What neat things you are all experiencing there!


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