Friday, June 5, 2009

Walk it OFF!!!

Don´t we say this when we get hurt, and tell our kids to do this when they fall down?

"Just walk it OFF! Walk it OFF!"

Well, for Fitness Friday, I am going to say it and keep on saying it for my Fitness Journey for life. Walking has been proven to be a very healthy and sure way to lose weight and get in shape.

When I added a walking program to walk 20 - 30 min. a day to my regurlar exercise routine I recorded a loss of more than 2 pounds in one week. It really boosted my weight loss. And again this week I have recorded a drop in weight with all of our walking and sight-seeing with our family, even without being able to do the stationary bike.

Here is a quote from Real

In a 12-week study of significantly overweight women, those who walked for 30 minutes 5 days per week lost weight at a rate similar to that of women who walked for 60 minutes 5 days per week. Researchers speculate that greater health benefits from longer walks probably start to kick in after 12 weeks. Your weight and fitness level will likely determine how your body responds to exercise programs of varying degrees of intensity and duration.

So, I am going to revert to my good ol´mommy instincts and say to you today,
"Go on and walk it Off!"
You will will feel better. I promise. You´ll feel even better cutting out all that white refined sugar. I pinky-swear promise! (remember those?)

I leave you with a couple of pictures of one of our sight-seeing walks through Asturias, Spain.

My precious in-laws were able to do all the walking too. We walked morning and evening, up hill and down. They were incredible!

* Scroll on down to see the rest of our Journey through Asturias part I.


  1. I don't do it often enough. But I do enjoy watching. Thank you for reminding us of the goodness of it!

    Love the pics my friend! Beautiful!

  2. Girl, I walked and walked and walked for the last two weeks none stop and can you believe I didn´t lose any weight!!!! And I didn´t eat that much more than usually, I would even say less..... :( I think my body is against me... :)

  3. Oh so sorry, Pilar. check out that article I quoted. It really says to start out in short quick walks of 20 - 30 min actually. It says these are more effective. Don´t give up.

  4. Thanks for linking up this week!! I love this post. I absolutely LOVE to walk. It has been my cardiovascular workout of choice since college. That's so interesting about the 30 min vs 60 min! I need to go read up on that. Facinating!!


  5. Great post Dani. My best friend (we've been BF since we were 9) just came back from Italy for her and her husbands 10 year anniversary. I have been training her for the last 3-4 months and she was worried that she was going to gain weight on the trip. After she got home she told me about all the walking and sight-seeing they did. She said that at one point in time they were climbing the steepest flight of never-ending stairs while carrying a 30 lb backpack and yelled back at her husband, "Sarah better be proud of me!"
    Walking is such a stress-releaver for me too!


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