Friday, April 24, 2009

10 K!!!!

Week 10
Nope not $10,000,

but 10 kilometers!

(For those in the states that´s about 5 miles.)

This is what I have been able to do on my stationary bike each night I exercise which will be 3x this week.

(It´s an increase to my 8 k. )

Plus an increase in my weights.
2 reps of:
50 biceps, 50 tricepts ,

15 butterflys , 60 trunk twists,
10 shoulder lifts

My weight did not change this week but I would like to think my body mass did. My hubby has noticed and that to me is a great plus!

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Fitness Friday girl!
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  1. I LOVE that you changed up your routine and pushed yourself a bit more. That's exactly what you have to do to keep you body guessing. I think your doing great!

    I also loved the flashback pictures - they are awesome!

  2. Way to go girl!
    I'm a little discouraged lately. We've had lots of company, and it just seems like I have grabbed what's available. My parents fly in tomorrow, so I hope to keep the walking up while they are here.

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