Friday, June 19, 2009

Slimy, Squirmy, Specimens and Bible Opoly

Yes, these little fellows hitched a ride down the mountain in my son´s water bottles. Did I mention the cow watering trough was full of these little buggers? After many tries, the boys gave up at catching,saying that it was no use. These slimy, squirmy specimens were too fast. I felt some how guilty, as we had tried to find these special specimens a few years ago for our science class and failed. (it was October. duhhhh)

I need to interject something here.

You know those homeschool moms who buy incubaters to hatch chickens and these squirmy specimens for their eager learners to watch the wonderful changes to occure? Well, I have tried and tried but, I just have not become one of those hands- on teaching/learning type of moms. Till now.

I said to the boys, "Check this out!"

Well, something like that, anyway.

I took one of the water bottles and proceeded to put my arm in the slimmy, cow drinking water. (bare with me, I am trying to be a hands-on homeschool Mommy)

I really did it. Would you know it? On my first try, I caught the biggest tadpole ever !!!

Now we are raising not only 3 hamsters and an obnoxious dog, but now Six squirmy specimens of the frog family in their tadpole stage.

We learned today, as my oldest looked up on the computer, that tadpoles like boiled lettuce, fresh water without any traces of Chlorine as it will kill them, and that they may sprout legs as early as a few weeks or may stay in their tadpole state for 8 months.

Now aren´t you glad I shared that. You can go and start your very own tadpole farm! It is fun and secretly I can´t wait till they sprout those scrawny little legs.

This could have been a post all by itself, but I was so excited to share another wonderful occurance. We love playing games but lately they seem to end in some bickering (yes, even from the adult population of our family) about rules, winners and losers. Today, we got to play this really great and gratifying game. We played for over an hour, I am sure, with very little or no bickering. Only tears once, because one of the boys had to give back a brick of his church, but then the attitude changed and he was ready to give offerings once again.

This new game is BIBLEOPOLY.
I totally recommend it!

Thank you Mom and Dad for sending it and for all the effort you put in to be sure our boys have Birthday gifts from you. They will always remember you for that.

So, am I now a hands-on learning Mommy? What else is there? oh yeah art... well, that´s my hubby´s department. Maybe next year, he can teach art, and I will disect frogs.

Happy Hopping,


  1. I love the tadpoles! We are raising a couple of painted turtles here! Boys, what can you say, right?

  2. fun!

    What a great post! And you win mom of the year award...hands down!

    Putting your arm in that nasty cow drinking water.....

    you go girl

  3. I agree w/Nina. You win the mom of the year award! I'm so impressed that you put your arm in that gunk. I definitely would not have done it!

    But I know what you mean about hands-on learning. I am terrible with it. I feel so good when we actually accomplish it ;)

  4. Girl!! That Bible game looks so cool!!!

    I wonder if I can find it in Spanish... ???


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