Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bloggy Buddies in Madrid!

Remember our very first meeting? We posted all about it here. Both our families were so excited to meet each other. After all, it´s not every day you get to meet a missionary family doing the same thing as you are. It´s not every day you find a "kindred spirit."
Nina and I got together through blogging. (Believe it or not something wonderful comes out of the black hole of cyber space. ) We were able to meet for the first time this past April right before Easter. Nina´s family are missionaries to Portugal. They have been there a little over a year, learning the language and getting to know the people and the culture. Nina loves to take pictures and I love her pictures! Portugal has come alive for me through her eyes.
Well, we meet again! Nina and I are going to be in Madrid for a couple of days. We had planned an European Baptist Missionary Wives Blogging Retreat and Nina and I are it! We are the hosts and the attentdees of this European Baptist Missionary Wives Blogging Retreat.
If you qualify and would like to join in next year, you are officially invited.
This is the first time for me to travel by train to Madrid. It was cheap but very enjoyable! I loved standing in the Cafe drinking my diet coke, watching the mountains go by. I almost didn´t know what to do with myself for 5 hours alone though. Thankfully, I have all those new books that I won in some really awesome give aways.
We will be letting you in on some exclusive footage of the first annual EBMWBR once it´s underway. I know you are on the edge of your seat waiting to see what two married women withouth their offspring will do in the huge city of Madrid, but as Nina already stated, We may just find ourselves at a Starbucks (obsolete in our areas) chatting the time way.
****Interested in writing captions? Want to WIN a Spanish gift straight from Spain? Enter your caption here and you could be a winner. ****


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