Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday What´s Up with the Crew?

A BLAST from the past!
Each of my boys have picked three favorite pictures from their baby albums to post on their blog The Contreras Crew Constructing and Company. Maybe we will continue to stroll down memory lane each Wednesday and Friday.
It has been so much fun to look through the albums with the boys.
You just can´t miss these picks!


  1. I just checked out you boys blog! They are so cute! You are truly blessed!


  2. Awwww, very cute. Time goes by so fast, huh?!

  3. Are you missing that age? ;) they look too cute!

  4. I love that photo!!!

    Yes, that is the church we go to. We are affiliated with the SBC, but more known as a 'Reformed Baptist'. Or just "Hunter Street". Over 50% of our memembers have come from other denominations. Kinda... ultra conservative, with loveingkindness. :D The love of God is shared and shown.

    Exercise classes and Rec programs can be started in a small church. This church was very small when all these programs were started. One of the current 'big-wigs' with the UpWard Sports programs used to be the youth minister at Hunter Street and became the Rec Minister when there was no real Rec Ministry. God gave him a vision though. And it grew. Outreach grew, community came in...
    The only room that the community does not have access to is the weight room. You have to be a church memeber to use that. There are small fees to cover overhead for all the programs, but it is much smaller than all the clubs. And here we have Christian Fellowship!

  5. How cute are they!!!!!!! Love it!

  6. What a great picture! They are too cute!

    How old are your boys? They look like they are really close in age. I bet that's both a challenge and a blessing :o)

    Take care my friend!

  7. I was wondering the same thing...what are their ages? They are too cute! They must have kept you very busy and still do I bet :)

    Now to finally answer your questions...I use photoshop elements 7 to play with my pics. It's a complicated program, but so worth figuring out if creating art out of photos is your passion.

    Of course I will post some pictures of my lilacs when the bloom. I can't wait! There's also a lilac festival here, I should take some extra pics just for you!

    Very observant of you to notice the duplicate names between Stacy, Amy, and Me. I do have to take credit for starting the whole Gracie trend (there's three baby Gracie's at out church, but mine's the oldest). Actually, Gracie's first name is Elizabeth, but we changed our minds about her name after she came out, she just looked more like a Gracie. If that makes any sense :)

    Amy and I just happened to fall in love with same names at the same time without either one of us knowing it. The boys even have the same middle name, James. Spelling it with a K was my hubby's idea. Pretty neat, huh?


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