Monday, April 27, 2009

My Little Men

They aren´t so little anymore! It seems like they are growing up right before my eyes!

My three little men were so active this weekend with a Karate tournament and a football clinic.

I was so happy for them. It was their first tournament and another opportunity to wear all their football gear. Of course not all at the same time!

These activites really boosted our whole family moral incredibly this week. The boys were active and felt so grown up, that they were so good at home and out and about. This is what we do to help our home run a little more smoothly, we get the boys out for physical activity.

Boys need lots of physical activity.

I have found when my boys have had good physical activity they tend to be more pliable and calm at home. This makes my home sing.

Here are some pictures and a video of some good physical activity!

So how do you make your home sing with boys or with girls or with both?

Making your home sing Mondays


  1. I so agree....boys need active play and lots of it. My boys are active most of the day.One of the things I love about homeschooling is that they can get out and run around when they need to.:)

  2. Boys do need to move a LOT. I think one of the problems with our society right now is that we somehow think boys can sit still all day and still just doesn't happen that way. While my boys have never been into sports, I am the "go outside to play" mom...screen time is limited and is only available in the evening, after outside play becomes difficult. As for the girl, she's just as active as the boys, and lives by the same guidelines. Like Mimi, I like the freedom homeschooling gives me to respond when they are just too fidgety to get anything done.

  3. I couldn't get the video to work, but I did enjoy the pictures.

    I totally agree, especially at that age. Boys just need to release all that "extra" energy! Get it out, wear them out, lol!

    My boys took karate when they were younger too and they enjoyed it (so did I as I took it with them!).
    Thank you for joining us today!

  4. Are the boys in a football team? I didn´t know that!

  5. Unfortunately, there´s not a Peewee team. But the Mariners did a clinic in hopes to get a Junior team started. They invited our boys because they know they have all the gear. It was so cool for them! They were really into it!

  6. Great pictures! I completely agree about the whole boys sitting still thing. They need to be up and busy. Mine wouldn't know how to be still if he had to :o)

    Take care my friend!
    Have a great week!

  7. Looks like a busy weekend!! How fun..Karate & football! They must be tired and eat good when they get home!!

    My two younger boys have alot of energy too, so I let them out to ride their bikes (in front of the house) in the morning before we start school!

  8. Hey looks like tons of fun!!!! I had a question for you....when you did the "hair dare" and uploaded pics of your virtual makeover what site did you do that on, and was it a free site or did you have to pay to do it...I am really thinking I need a change and definitely would like to try something like tha out before I do soemthing drastic thanks:)

  9. WOW! WAY TO GO BOYS!!! Great photos!

  10. Wow that's really impressive!! Good for them, BRAVO!

  11. Hey Girl,
    I was feeling a bit sad about Madrid too but it's okay, maybe next year.

    Next year you need to make your destination Vienna, I could drive there and we would be able to get around.

    Something to think about!

  12. I love your photos Dani Joy! What a blessing to have active young boys.


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