Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Photo Flashback

A New Meme!!!

Friday Photo Flashback

This is just such a fun pick me up Meme!

Here are some newly scanned flashback fotos!
My babe and I at the last fine arts before we married.

One of our dating outings.

(Yes, we went to a college where we had to have a special outing to go on dates. )

My hubby´s art work.

Drawn a year after we were married.

I graduated a semester after we got married.

(the best semester of my college career!)

My Mom and Dad came down for my graduation.

It was such a wonderful time of our lives!

Now that I have started this stroll down memory lane, I look forward to seeing some of your flashback fotos. Why not join in the fun.

For those interested in fitness, my Friday Fitness post is just below as well as Gettin´ fine in 09.


  1. I totally guessed on the whole language bit, and glad I came up a winner!!

    Love those pictures--a great lane to walk with your memory, I'm sure.

    Oh! and I too am participating in a totally diff Fitness Friday; I'll have to check yours out!!

  2. WOW!! My maiden name is Contreras!! I didn't even notice the title of your blog---totally had my blinders on for those flashback photos!! :D

  3. Great pics my friend! I love your husband's drawing. Beautiful!

    This is fun! Hopefully I will get a chance to play along next week.

    BTW, I know you won the Hair Dare giveaway. And guess what? You have won my giveaway too! So now you can't say you never win anything :o) If you will email me and I will gladly get it in the mail to you.

    Take care my friend!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Love the pic with the plaid shirts... Cute!

  5. Loving the matching shirts. To cute! You guys are just so sweet!

  6. Hi DaniJoy!!!!

    I'm so glad you joined all of us in the meme too!!! I'm also enjoying looking at everyones pictures!!!

    We do have alot in common..that's awesome!!! Well, 3 kids is the same as having 5! I always tell people that after 3, it's all the same!!!

    What a blessing to be missionaries in Spain!! I'm going to follow your blog now too!!!!!!

    I look forward to getting to know more about you!!!

  7. Great photos! I might have to try this meme!

  8. I love these pictures especially the date outing one, so cute!!

  9. HEy girl, WE WON!!! What are the chances that we both would :) I am so excited... you sure are getting bless these days uh? I can´t wait to see a photo of your new bracelet... I am so jealous. Make sure you bring it to our trip to Madrid so I can steal it ;) haha
    I am so doing this meme next week. I saw it at someone elses blog also and thought was too cute...

  10. Okay I changed my mind and actually found my photos so I am doing it

  11. What fantastic pictures! I think Bro. Joe has changed more than you have.

    You guys were/are a cute couple!

    It's school tomorrow! Yipee!

    We just finished lasagna, bout to watch a family movie and go to bed early cause I've got the mountain climbing thing tomorrow morning.

    Love ya!!!

  12. I totally loved seeing the photos. You can see how much you guys love each other, even then. So sweet!

  13. Oh my look like babies in the first picture! Isn't it funny to look back and think, "wow, I guess a lot of time has gone by!". I love those pictures...

  14. Hi there! I just read your sweet comments about my boys/our adoption. You made my day! I've enjoyed reading your blog...I'm adding myself as a follower. I think my husband would love reading about your hubby and his football team, too! I'll look forward to getting to know you.

  15. great pics! Did ya'll go to PCC? the campus looks familiar? Ya'll were so cute!


  16. What sweet pictures! You look like a very happy couple. :)

  17. Hey there! These old pics are great. I have to say, you have not changed a bit since then. Joseph on the other hand....haha. Just wanted to let you know that we are going to Retiro II this year. I noticed that you asked on my blog and I just haven't been on my computer much lately, so I hadn't written back. Would love to see you guys there!

  18. You were/are an adorable couple from the start! Thanks for sharing with us.

    Also thanks for grabbing my button.

    Blessings Sweetie.


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