Monday, March 9, 2009

They are everywhere!

(as posted on the KJV blog)

I was happily teaching my boys this past Thursday morning, when the door bell rang. My first reaction was, "Oh, no, it´s them!"

Now you have to understand, we are surrounded by them. They are everywhere here in Gijón, Spain, it seems.

The Jehovah´s (false) Witnesses have come to our door probably every several months trying anew to convince us of our errors. We see them in the streets going two by two, We receive their evil literature in our church mail-box and they still come to our home.

Needless to say, I have had to do much study as to what they believe and how to defend against their attacks. Thursday morning was a little different, however. The two ladies who came were either more docile or more open to listen.

We discussed the Millenium, Jesus´2nd return, and the end of the Earth. It was exciting to continually bring them to the most important part of Scripture, that if we don´t believe in Jesus as our Saviour and God then we will suffer eternal punishment. They amazingly agreed, but knowing they don´t believe in the Diety of Jesus, I continued to emphasize that Jesus is the only way!

They left finally, after wanting to argue about the Earth not being destroyed by fire. I couldn´t find the verse at that moment ,of course,( it´s 2Peter 3:14) but continued to tell them that what was most important was Salvation by faith in Jesus Christ our Lord. It is always very important to say that Jesus is God because that is the one point that keeps them from truly accepting Salvation. They reject that Jesus is God in the flesh.

It is so difficult to not get frustrated and worked up when they come around, knowing they are drawing so many sheep to the slaughter. Sandra, is one of them. She is a Colomian lady I met in the park the other day. She told me that she had just started meeting with the JWs. I was disappointed thinking that if I had only met her 20 days earlier, we may have saved her from the lies that the Jehovah´s (false) Witnesses preach. Please pray I may have more opportunities to speak with Sandra. I was able to share with her the gospel that night, but she does not want to get all confused listening to two religions. (how ironic)

Please pray too, for these lost Jehovah´s (false) Witnesses that they see their error and that we may continue to be bold but loving to share with them the truth. Many of them are our own neighbors. Please pray for us to have more love for them, as they are mostly all Spaniards.

"Be ready always to give an answer to everyman that asketh you
a reason of the hope that is in you..."
We are attacked on many fronts. We thank you for your prayers.

For research and helps on witnessing to JW here are some links. we have used this on several occations.


  1. Keep the faith, fellow sister in Christ. It certainly is frustrasting to see people walk in spiritual blindness, knowing the Truth would set them free. America is becoming more and more that way, and the worst part is that it is not the unbeliever's anymore, it is the "Christians" who attend piously attend church and are as lost as the devil himself. I will pray for encouragement for you all-I'm so thankful God has given us this friendship all these years!

  2. Dani Joy,
    They are everywhere here too! Our language teacher is one. She's always dressed modestly, has a smile on her face and is quick to pull out 'her' bible anytime our conversations turn biblical. She's even asked why her bible has verses omitted, where our bible doesn't. (She literally has verse numbers with dashes beside them!..This should cause her concern...probably all the verses about Jesus being GOD!)

    Anyway, we've done business with several JW's and they've always been super friendly and trust breaks my heart I tell ya!!

    Our teacher is so precious to me.....I want to see her saved!!

    Isn't it strange that we both have a lot of them in our areas.---All the more work for us to do!

    Oh yeah....I burned it up this morning at Curves!....Monday is a new day...a new week!!

    By the way....I've lost about 14 pounds since the 2nd week of January! Maybe I should do a post like you...I could use all the enouragment I can get!

  3. I had to laugh at your comment because I was sitting at the computer eating m&m' bad!Congrats on losing ten pounds, I am working on losing ten pounds and need to stop with the candy, lol!

    I am so excited that you're ministering in Spain, what a blessing to serve Him! I'll bet your Spanish is awesome....I took two years of it but don't remember hardly anything. I do speak ASL however (American Sign Language).

    We had the J-dubs (short for JW) come every week for years. Finally I opened the door and once again told them that my husband was a pastor and that I would be going to our church and not theirs and so far I haven't seen them.

    I will pray for ministry opportunities for you with Sandra and others. So glad to "meet" you sister!

  4. I've been snooping around on your blog, lol! I left a comment on your one about the chores and kids saving up for camp.

    As you know I homeschool. I homeschooled our youngest all the way from kindergarten thru to graduation, and am still homeschooling our 15 year old.

    It is such a blessing to teach and train your children. We, as their parents, are their most natural teachers as we've been teaching them from birth!

  5. This always breaks my heart. I'm know that any of us could have been born into a Jehovah's Witness family and we would be brain washed just as they are. i think we need to study as you said and pray more for them, they are just as lost as the Catholics and many times we see them as enemies instead of the lost.
    BRAVO, for taking the time to make a difference in their eternity!

  6. Candles! What a lovely idea! Dinner is always interesting because my oldest (age 20) comes home from college and leaves for work a half hour later. He is usually gone two nights a week (for a community thing he does) and three nights a week for ministry (he leads a Bible study one night, one night is a family ministry that we all do so at least we get to see each other, and the third night he goes to worship team practice.

    So my dinner hour is pretty much from 6:00 until 6:20 (the time he comes home and the time he runs out the door)! Still I love the candle idea and think I'll put candles on the table tonight!

    BTW, this kid is carrying a 4.0 in college and I'm always trying to get him to slow down. Of course, my mom was telling me the same thing at his age.

  7. Yes I made them up. My humble attempt at humor, lol! (See, there's the "laugh out loud" thing there...hehehe)

  8. Two JW young men came to our door once in the middle of the day. They must have expected to find mostly elderly people at home. I stopped working to answer the door and the poor guy looked startled. He managed to quickly say,

    "Hi, I'm Jeff and this is my buddy Rick. If you have a Bible I suggest you read it."---and that was it!

    They left, and my mom and sisters died laughing! LOL!

    I don't think that I had ever really thought about JW being just as common in other countries as they are here in the United States. It is all the more reason for us to be actively soul winning, isn't it?

  9. I did not realize the JW were so prevalent in Spain. They are growing here too. They recently built a large meeting place in the city where I do most of my shopping. I have not had much contact with them as an adult.

    When I was growing up, our Sunday School Superintendant and his son got involved. It was very sad. His wife and other son never did, though. And they are still married. I can't imagine what it did to that family.

    Thank you for being a new follower to my blog. It was nice to meet you. And may God bless you for the work you and your family are doing!


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