Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Rose for You!

I dedicate this rose to you, my dear friends!
It is to break up the winter hum-drum.
It is to brighten your day.

I share it in hopes that you will see what I see,
As it speaks to me from my window,
Sending a little of God´s love your way.

(My attempt at photography and poetry. It´s been many long years. )
This post was inspired by "breaking the Monotony of March" challenge.


  1. I love it, DaniJoy! Thanks for taking the time to share. You brightened my day. Oh, for some color in my own yard today... Soon, I hope!
    Love, Amy

    Oh, I love how you changed "comments" to "encouragers!" :)

  2. That is your attempt to girl you should pursue it :)
    Beautiful rose, thanks girl

  3. Lovely rose and lovely thoughts! You have a beautiful day too!

  4. I think you did a great job. The rose is beautiful! Thank you for sending a little of God's love my way!

  5. Beautiful rose! Thank you so much for the kind thoughts. I hope your day is blessed just as you've blessed ours.



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