Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Baptist "Priest"?

What an oxymoron! But it´s what my hubby has been called in an article that came out in our city´s paper written about the Gijón Mariners, our Asturian, Spanish, American Football team. This is the team´s second year in the highest national 11x11 league, LNFA, in Spain.
The article talks about their last game and the players who have been dedicated to this team. It then goes on to introduce the foreign players. They have 2 Mexicans who they signed for this year and my hubby as their "American" player. It´s so ironic because he never played in high school or college.

In the article they refer to my hubby as the "Baptist Priest" who, when he leaves his "habit", is out on the field toughing it out with the rest of them! It really cracked us up. At the same time we pray that it may be a good testimony.

My hubby started with the team in 2005, after he met one of our young neighbors, who was carrying an American football helmet. Now, that is something you never see in Spain, so my hubby got out of the van and asked them where they practice. The rest has been history.

He is 36 years old, playing three different positions, tackling, blocking and running with the young guys. In the picture above he is on the field far left playing running back. The most miraculous part of it all has been the opportunities he has had to give devotionals and present the gospel to many on his team.

Please pray for him as he is returning from a big game in Madrid so late tonight and will be preaching tomorrow morning and evening. We are mostly praying that those around will see Jesus through him. His testimony is the only way they will hear of the saving Grace of Jesus.


  1. That is funny!!

    We want the real pics, girl! You can do a virtual hair thingy too but we want to see the in person makeover! Fun stuff! Can't wait to see it :)

  2. Baptist priest....!!!


    that's funny stuff!

    p.s....I've been bad this weekend!! (yikes!)

  3. That is so cool! Yeah, the describe him in a more "catholic way" but I think it is so coold that the word "baptist" was put out there. At least the word will go around and it may sound familiar to some. What an opportunity!

  4. That is a great! My husband was the chaplain for our states baseball team for many years in Venezuela, until we moved to the jungle.It is a way to reach many you would never otherwise reach.

  5. What a great story about the "Baptist Priest" and his "habit."
    I enjoyed reading it.


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