Friday, March 27, 2009

Burn it, Burn it!

1,448 calories!!!

That´s what my body burns in a sedentary state according to the bmr calculator! I think it lied! or I just didn´t burn enough or I just counted my calories wrong.
I tried to burn it. I really did. Last Friday, I ate about 1,300 calories and burned more than 500 calories on my bike with my lifts included.
I did not lose anything!
I tried to burn it! I really did. The next day, I ate a bit more because I exercised more. I swam 45 minutes and jogged/walked about 15 minutes. Had a really hard time calculating my calorie intake this day. I figured about 1,657 calories. I really thought I had burned enough though, with all that exercise, not to mention cheering like crazy for my Hubby at his football game...
But I did not lose anything.
I have to tell you I was a little disillusioned.
Well, at any rate. I kept up with my biking and walking the rest of the week.

Now for
I didn´t lose any more weight all week. I stayed the same.
At least till today...
We just got home from a long day of sight seeing with our visitors from Germany, eating a picnic lunch, snacking, having German chocolate, Spanish coffee and pastries, and then ending the day with pizza for dinner.
OH boy, oh boy! Not good for any dieter!
Had to call today my free day. I have allowed my self a day where I can have special foods and sugary treats. It has helped me to keep up on my Fitness Journey. ( I like this term better than diet)
My goal: Start off tomorrow with a light jog with my Hubby. Make pancakes and eggs for everyone and just eat some eggs and fruit. Lots and lots of fruit, veggies and water. I am going to try a combinations Atkins diet with the South beach diet. Low carbs. high healthy protein, no empty carbs. or sugars.
We are taking a trip to Granada and Portugal next week. I am so excited, but how am I suppose to keep the weight off? Any suggestions? I just gain weight looking at food!!
Reaching for the prize,


  1. Oh I know exactly how you feel my friend! It is very frustrating. I am trying to lose weight too. I just returned to WW last week. I am tired of the person that is looking back at me in the mirror. But keep trying, it will pay off! (or so the tell me ;)

  2. Your doing good! Keep it up! I have been excited, because I found a new walking partner. She lives only a block from me, and my back is feeling better:)
    Don't worry, I think my metabolism thinks I'm dead;)

    I am going to start on Monday with the two week quick start to doctor Phil. Have you seen that. It is basically what you are saying. High fiber cereal or oats for breakfast with protein, 2 fruits a day, 2 low fat milks a day, 4oz protein at lunch and supper with lots of green veggies. It is not too bad. After the first 2 weeks, you add a good carb at lunch(potato, corn, beans) Please pray that I do good. It is 2 weeks till Easter and I need to get a little more off.

  3. Enjoy your jog and breakfast and your upcoming trips. I just focus on eating healthier and be conscious of what I eat and when I want to eat something that may have more calories, etc. I just adjust my portion and I make sure that I don't eat other "bad" things that day.

    It's about balance but don't beat yourself up. For me I don't focus on the actual # as much as I focus on living a healthier life each day.

    I wish you well dear sister.

  4. Don't worry, while you are in Granada I will buy a lot of lettuce and you cane at that while we enjoy tapas :) hehehehe
    Oh girl, don't be descoraged you know you are doing great!

    I remember when Ashley's mom was on a diet she hit some stuck times. I think they told her to drink lemon with hot water and it worked. Ask Ashley how much of what because she should know. (I remember Arancha and Ashely doing the same :))

  5. I have no idea what......

    "Publicar un comentario en la entrada"

    means. But I click on it each time and it takes me to the comment section of your blog, so I guess I'm at the right place!?


    I'm stuck too. Haven't lost in over 2 weeks. I need another kick start.....but what?!

    Not sure about that hot lemon water thing that Pilar mentioned...but I may google that.

    I guess it could be worse...

    Hope you enjoyed that pizza yesterday....yum....

  6. I concur with Lisa. Concentrate on making healthy choices. The rest will take care of itself. I say all the time on Fitness Friday, there are a million changes going on in your body that you can't see. The scale is a tiny part of the equation.

    Sorry I missed your post this week. I checked on Friday morning and it wasn't up yet. We'll catch you next time.

    Love you!

  7. The problem I had is I tended to not take in as many calories as I needed to in order to lose weight.

    When you are lifting weights you burn more muscle. So you need to eat more protein.

    So the problem is I tended to not eat enough, and then my body holds onto every last bit of weight, and I didnt lose.

    So I had to watch what I ate very carefully, to eat healthy like you said.

    I've added a protein shake and also have added one day a week where I will refeed, so to speak. So my body doesn't think it's on a diet.

    Hopefully this will help. I have ten pounds I'm trying to lose. Have fun next week!

  8. I think you are doing a fabulous job!!! Don't get me wrong, I totally understand your frustration with the scale - because I have it all the time. I've been the same weight since November (give or take 1-2 lbs) and I think I'm actually doing more in my workouts now than I was doing before.

    But there are other things to consider as well... such as measurements. Have you taken measurements? There were times on my weight loss journey that the scale wasn't moving but I was going down in inches.

    I think your doing great, give you body a shock every now and again by taking it out of it's normal workout routine. I am a HUGE advocate of "free" days. It helps me to stay on track the rest of the week. Hang in there! And just have fun with it - don't let it take over you... Trust me, been there and done that!

  9. I have total faith that you con do it! I love that you aren't calling it a diet! I have always referred to it as a lifestyle change.

    I was happy to see your picture start to show up on my blog!! You are beautiful just the way you are!

    Praying for your success!

  10. Don't give up! Even if you don't lose weight, the exercise is really good for you. Have you ever looked into "The Lord's Table"
    It's a bible-based daily devotional that teaches us to feed on Christ and find our satisfaction in Him. Aaron & I constantly struggle with our eating so I don't have any easy answers but I have this book. I too need to keep at it.

  11. WOw wish I had your motivation!!! Keep working hard! Check out my blog you have been "tagged"


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