Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Trip to Rome!

Yes, I did go to Rome. The Lord worked in some incredible ways to allow me to be with missionaries, the Homan family, as well as witness to many spanish speaking people. It really was a whirlwind couple of days.
In retrospect, I must have really wanted to travel, but in the beginning I really was doing it for a friend who I have been praying for for a long time. It was an opportunity to spend some time with her and be a witness. God did open some amazing doors to witness to her and to several others. Sometimes you feel more freedom farther from your city of service. The Lord gave me more boldness there and I am praying to implement it now that I am back in Gijón.
I liked the city far more than I thought I would. The mere historic value of it drew me like a new historical fiction book.
Well, thus a new chapter in my book is closed and I am very glad to be home in my mission field.
Please pray for a Peruvian lady named Dina, who received the gospel and my little spanish Bible our last day there. We pray to see her in heaven one day.


  1. You got to lead someone to Christ while you were in Rome? SWEET! The pics look great. I am trying not to be jealous. :) What was your impression of the Coliseum?

  2. Hey Danielle! I finally got a chance to really read your blog. I started one too, here's the link: Mostly I write about my pregnancy, but I also occasionally post pics of interest. What a fabulous opportunity to visit Rome! I would love the chance to see history come alive like that.

  3. Hey Deanna, Dina did not get saved at that time but we are praying that she will. She sure was hungry for the Word. I was overwhelmed at being in the Coliseum. It seemed so transending as if it could take me back in time. I stood in awe as I imagined the lions coming out of thier cages from the underground elevators. It was massive.


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