Saturday, October 25, 2008

A New Way of Ministering?

What a gorgeous day! It was such a blessing to go to a near by coastal town to distribute envelopes of hope to 500 mailboxes. The little town of Candas is probably one of my favorite towns as of now that we have visited next to Tazones (the first town we covered with literature with the Stark family). These little coastal towns each have such a quaint character of their own.

I think today was sort of a victory for me. The Lord has been working on my heart about a new way of ministering to others. (Well, maybe not so new as God´s been working on me on this for a long time.) Here it is... My opinion does not matter. John 3:30 and Little is enough. Proverbs 10:19. A song from my past..."I must become less so much less that He becomes greater still!".

(I dedicate this post to PS) :)

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