Saturday, September 15, 2012

Let ´em Flow!

For awhile now, words have been coming to me, however slowly. Often only in a whisper, but they are coming. Wanting to be shared. Some screaming without an audience. If only for the release and relaxation of it; "Let the words flow," but also mainly for edification and upliftment. 

Do I really think I can come back to writing after such a long hiatus? Will I have time? Can I stick to a schedule? Bombarded with these doubts, I pray and post only when it is in the means of my schedule and not to its demise. 

My two main goals will be to post a Fitness and Faith post from my Fitness Challenges, as well as at least one post about the Good Morning Girls Bible study in Colossians. (button on my sidebar) 

I also hope to update more on our Be Strong Ministries and little growing church that we began in Gijón, Spain. So much has happened in this past year, I look forward to assimilating it all, and sharing what great things God is doing. 

Oh, yeah, We also homeschool! Did I mention school starts for us finally this Monday? We had a lovely summer and I do believe we are ready to get back to the grind. Ask me again on Tuesday, though.

I would love for you to join me in my next Fitness Challenge or even on this fall Bible Study. You can join on Facebook or even on your own blog. Post a comment if you would like to join either one of these. I will be giving more information about the fitness challenges in the following posts. 

Wow! It feels good to have actually written something. Of course, I do write in a journal,too, and that helps, but I actually missed the interaction of blogging. *gasp*

May you have a wonderfully positive day, 

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