Monday, February 14, 2011

One day is as good as another.

It´s not that I am not romantic or that I don´t enjoy roses and chocolate, but isn´t it so much more special if your sweetheart does something special for you out of love, any day of the week? I mean, PHOOEY with Valentine´s Day if you have your valentine everyday of the week!

My hubby and I had a talk the other morning about the acts of love we do for each other. I wanted him to see the things I did for him out of love. (like make his dinner) I told him how much I appreciate it when he does special little things for me. (like wash the dishes out of love not because I need the help) It isn´t necessary to wait around for the roses. Roses die. Chocolates get eaten, but a good dishwasher lasts forever! ( I did get chocolate, too!)

Of course, dates out with your sweetheart is very important, especially when your conversation with your children around the table normally consits of football, school, and disgusting bodily functions. Four way conversations with boys are very difficult to follow after having taught fourth and sixth grade math.

My hubby and I had a few opportunities to go out on dates in the United States when we were with our families. Joseph´s brother took us out for Sushi! That was a treat. (Look closely at my plate, you won´t see any sushi there) Joseph seemed to have gotten adicted to the delicacy, though.

We are going to escape tonight for a quick round of Spanish Tapas! We love living in Europe!

What special things do you and your spouse do for each other on a daily basis? How might you celebrate Valentine´s Day with your sweetheart everyday?

"That you love one another, as I (Jesus) have loved you."


  1. Hey that box of chocolates looks familiar....except there's no face in it!! LOL

  2. I agree with you, sweet friend. Id much rather have my 'valentine' all year round and not only on the 14th of Feb!

    I did, however, enjoy my 1/2 day at the Spa and cooking with my Valentine ---hot wings with Potato skins for the kiddos. Valentines from Michael for the kids.

    My dad always gave me something on Valentines Day...right up until a few months before I was married...He showed up at my apt door the morning of Valentines Day while I still had rollers in my hair. He had 2 dozen peach roses in his hand and said, "This is the last Valentines I'll be able to do this...from now on Michael will get this opportunity."

    I know!!! SOOooooo sweet!

  3. :o) First of all... What a great pic of the two of you! I is the sweet little things that we can do -every day- that are special.

    I have to say that my hubby is very thoughtful and his encouragement, support and humor (I love to hear him laugh and I am sure that we are an interesting sight to see when he grabs me to dance around in the kitchen! haha...he has thankfully passed on some awesome dancing genes to our children...I tend to just hang on and "pretend" to dance!) are just a few things that make each day a celebration...of course there are moments that we may disagree or be a little irritated with, but truly our love for our Lord Jesus Christ is what surpasses any of those moments. I look at him and find myself think "Wow! I love him more and more!"

    (It is fun, also, when he leaves little unexpected surprises like a Kit Kat candy (or Lindor truffle) on my pillow! haha or a rose at my work...for no specific reason...but "just because".)

    Blessings & Aloha!

  4. Gosh, what a long time since I last read your blog - sorry!

    I agree totally with you sentiments. Who needs over-priced chocolates or flowers from a consumer driven pagan holiday when you share expressions of love everyday. I commented as much on Facebook and got agreement from the marrieds but shock/horror/disgusted from the singles.

    Even if Mr H and I shy away from manufactured romance I still had fun a couple of years back by having a bouquet of flowers delivered to his office with the message that they were for him to present to me as I knew he won't make the effort. It caused much amusement among his staff and the word got out to headoffice as well as depots in England and France. Matt received emails from other managers asking if I could also "train" their wifes to do that!!! LOL What fun :o)

    So glad I married someone with a sense of humour.


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