Sunday, October 3, 2010

Are You Ready to Be Challenged?

How are you doing in fitness and overall health?

Have you considered joining a support group or a diet center before?

Well, those cost money. This fitness challenge is free and you have a possibilty of winning prizes at the end.

Ladies, would you consider joining us for this 10 week fitness challenge that may change you for life?

If you haven´t decided yet and need more information, read on, then post a comment with your e mail or send it to .

If you have decided and have let me know by Facebook, then I have you on the list.

Please read on for all the details, even if you don´t think you will be commited or you are still unsure. Take a step of faith and give it a try.

What is the Chrismas Crunch Challenge all about anyway?

First, what the CCC is not.

1. It is not a diet! - You choose your methods and what works for you.

2. It is not a gimmic! - It´s what you make of it. What you put into the challenge is what you will get out of it.

3. It is not a magic pill! - It will be work.

The CCC is -

1. A Christian fitness and health support group. - We stay in touch and encourage one another by an online private fitness blog

2. A Challenge - We race each other, and we work for goals and points. (another way to stay accountable and fun competition)

How does it work?

1. Prayer - We make praying for one another a priority

2. Points - 4 catagories

  • Inches/ Cm - 1 inch lost = 2points 1cm lost =1pt
  • Pounds/Kilos - 1lb lost = 5pts 1Kilo lost = 10 pts
  • Exercise - every 20 minutes of uninterrumpted exercise = 1pt
  • Posts - Every blog post you write on our private fitness blog = 1pt (2 journal posts a week and 2 diet, exercise, inspirational, video, or fitness tip per week allowed) Maximum points per week in this catagory are 4 pts.
3. Praise- We give glory to God for what He helps us to do, and we also comment on journals and praise each other

If you do not have a method of getting fit and healthy, I urge you not to go on any drastic diets. Just do these simple steps

1. Cut out all or as much as you can of white sugar and processed sugar. (read lables)

2. Cut in half what you normally eat if you haven´t done this already.

3. Cut out White Flour/processed white breads and pastas. (bad carbs) Replace them with high fiber whole wheat (no sugar) breads, cereals, and pastas.

4. Add in fun treats only for you that are healthy. sugar free/fat free. (go sparingly so they last) yogurts, cheeses, sf chocolate, nuts ect.

5. Add in 20 min. of exercise more a day. Sweat! (if you are active, but are not losing and want to see results try adding High intensity cardio to your workouts)

6. Have one free day a week.

Of course there is so much more out there, and we have a wealth of fitness and health knowledge on our fitness blog. Once I have your e mail and you are on the list to do the Christmas Crunch Challenge, then I can invite you to this fitness blog. I will be sending out an e mail as to how to go about getting on the blog, about blogging, and how to keep points.

It is very rewarding, ladies! Remeber it is a Fitness Journey for life. It is about taking care of our temples for the Lord Jesus. We are His servants. We want to take care of ourselves so we can serve Him better. I praise God for the added energy and strength He has given me since losing 40 lbs and getting in shape!

Don´t wait for next year´s resolutions! Don´t wait till even the next day. Let´s plan to do something today!

Love in Christ,

*** For those who are already on our fitness blog and are gearing up, you may get your testimonies ready to post. Please don´t publish them till Monday or Tuesday of the starting week. Remember to lable them. Then you may measure, and start getting ready. (there is an article on the blog on how to measure)


  1. Count me in! I am a missionary wife and mommy serving in Panama. Would love to have the energy boost that losing 15-20 pounds would give. Also, I know that I need the accountability!
    Ruth Hanson

  2. What a great post! And You look amazing!

    Blessings & Aloha!

  3. I'm ready to get started. I sent you a e-mail.


  4. Happy to get started. I sent you a e-mail. Sign me up!

  5. Thanks for the tips regarding fitness. With the help of a personal trainer, you may get fit enough to take part In this 10 week fitness challenge. Good post.


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