Friday, July 2, 2010

Final Flashback

For a little while anyway.
Yeah, *sigh* ... I just don´t have much time to blog these days. Didn´t think I would say it but, blogging has become last on my "to do" list.

Not only has summer started and I want to be out more, I am taking care of a 5 month old baby every day too. She is precious, don´t get me wrong. I just forgot how much time one little baby can take up. I know I already blogged about this, so I will just go on and on about how sweet and bubbly she is. She is growing and has adjusted to being with our family. Oh, and she loves her feet!

In retrospect of camp coming up,  here is a Photo flashback picture of one of our first camps together in Spain. Our boys were ages 6, 5, and 4. We finally got to enjoy and work at the camps as a family!

Camp Ebenezer in the Barcelona area
Family camp 2005

Monte Calvario Campamento Bautista
Family camp 2005

I was going to link up with the Completing Him Challenge with some wedding pictures too, but I have already posted some. If you would like to see them. Please go HERE. 

This week´s challenge is to pray for your man! Pray specifically. I pray for him but, the list Courtney had on there just blew me away. I realized how specifically I really should be praying for my dear husband.

I will be starting another challenge as well. This one is very very important to me. I don´t want anything getting in the way. This one must become a priority. Discipline has been an area that I have needed to work on. Discipline in fitness, healthy eating, in my house hold chores... well, and one other area.  I have wanted to make more time for is my daily Bible reading. I read, but I must admit, it´s been a long time since I have really delved in.  Here is what I am committing to.

Well, hope you all will miss me a little bit. I will miss you all.  Be back to post pictures when I can. Meanwhile, maybe you will join in on some of these challenges too.


  1. I totally understand about not having time, and with summer here and a baby. I raised four babies, so I totally understand. I'm following you from Friday Photo Flashback so maybe you'll pop your head in and out sometime and show us some pics of your beautiful baby playing this summer. Have a wonderful summer, and a fun and safe weekend. Nice to meet you.

  2. AW! Yes, you are a very busy momma!!! Have a great, wonderful blog break :o) Yes, you will be missed, but I look forward to seeing you when you return!

    Great family photos! Yours boys surely have grown so much from the 2005 photo :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    I would love if or when you do get a chance to still pop over any time :o)

  3. Not much time for blogging over here either! I'll check in with you ever so often:) Praying for you as you seek more of Him in His precious Word.

  4. Oh, how fun, to babysit a little one!! Yes, I forget how much time and energy you need for that!!

    Love the pictures of your family, of course! So beautiful, as always!!

    Wow, reading the bible in 90 days! That IS a challenge!!!

  5. What great pictures! Family camp sounds like fun.

    I understand about the blogging. I have taken a step back and only blog when I have time. So take your time my friend. We'll be here when you come back. OH and enjoy that little one. She sounds like fun!


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