Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wanna Get in Shape and Stay There???

You can!

Studies prove that losing weight and working out in a group increase the success rate. I am living proof of that. Hosting two fitness challenges already, I have had the opportunity to stick with my fitness journey for over a year, and be encouraged tremendously by those who were involved. They became an incredible support team. If you are one of them, you know what I mean.

Also, we have the greatest Support ever in the Lord Jesus Christ, He gives us the strength to continue on when often times all we want to do is sit down and vegetate. 

What are you waiting for?

Starting May 12 - June 30 2010

Write me your email and I can get you started right away, sweating off any excess fat, or just keeping off what you have already gotten off.


  1. Count me in! I want to try and make this work. I think it's great that you keep up this encouraging way of losing weight. Thank you!

  2. You know I'm interested! I'm going to do a blog post...hopefully VERY soon and see if I can generate any interest....we shall see.

    Summer will be difficult with school out, vacations and over all busy schedules, folks aren't thinking about commiting to much. I, myself have had less and less time for the computer, thus for blog reading.....but I want to do what I can.

    I love you and Happy Mother's Day!! We celebrated two Sunday's in a row!!

  3. I've thought about joining the challenge (I still need to drop a few pounds) but so afraid to commit to one more thing. I'm completely booked on time commitments.

    I hope you have a wonderful fitness challenge, and I'm so proud of you for leading so many people on this fitness journey.



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