Monday, February 1, 2010

Mama Fit!

It is a one of those Mondays!

I have thrown a Mama Fit already and it´s only mid day!

Now, I am not the first to throw these Mama Fits. It is not unique to me. No way am I that creative. I think it is a great meme, though! My close friend Nina, has such a way of explaining her day and her Mama Fits, that you are laughing and feeling it right along with her.

So here is my attempt to throw my Mama Fit, get it all off my chest, and breath right for the rest of the day.

I awoke at 8ish this morning to a lovely package on the floor from our family pet! Having not known it was there, in the dark, I squished it between my toes carefully tip toed around. NOT COOL! EEEWWWW!!!

This was just the beginning! Let me back up to Saturday. We left the same family pet in the van while we went shopping. We have to do this so she is not in the apartment so many hours alone. Our neighbors are a little picky senistive about her. I happened to have my almonds, raisins and SF chocolate bar in my backpack  for after my husbands football game. I didn´t zip the bag! You can only guess what I found when we returned from our shopping, or what I didn´t find. Thus the beginning of our family pet fiasco and my MAMA FIT! 

She not only left me this lovely package this morning, she also had left the remains beautiful food she had eaten all over the boys room! Now, You may be asking why do we have this dog in the first place. I must admit I am starting to wonder this too, but my boys, my boys, they love her. She use to be my dog, too. Anyone want a mutt a lovely, trained, hunting dog?

So, I  have pitched my Mama Fit, cleaned my floors with bleach, and have lit a ton of candles!!! What else is there to do, really?


 Yes, I am praying for the Spirit to fill me so that I don´t do something I will regret. I can keep going with school and my teaching jobs today. I just feel like I need to jump in the shower and staying there for hours,   and pray!

*** I am also linking up with Nan for her meme, Making Your Home Sing Monday. ***


  1. Bless her heart...her tummy was upset!

    Look at those eyes.....she's way to sweet to be mad at!

    But I guess Bro. Joe's right about her, huh?! Maybe you need to make a resolution to like her this year too!!

    Great post!!

  2. Mama Fits!! Oh this makes me laugh (and totally relate!!) : ) My husband and my little boy are always begging me to let them have a dog and with this new baby coming there is NO way I'm adding another baby to our household! I know it will have to happen soon enough, though!

  3. Oh I know exactly what you mean. I had one of those fits last week over our cats. I love em, but some days...

    Praying the day gets better for you my friend!

  4. Totally relate to the mama fit and the pet. The things I have threatened to do to our dog ...

  5. Oh, my dear Dani Joy, it is not just you...our dogs (can't figure out which one yet to narrow it down) have left me three puddles this past week. They never leave puddles...last one was this morning...ugh! Patience, patience, and will all work out.

  6. Oh my! That can't be good.....yuck.

    When we were first married we let our dog sleep with us, until my husband woke up because his foot landed in a very yucky mess.

    Our dogs drive me crazy too, sometimes. We can't leave any food out. Our little dog has no manners and the big dog has some manners but is sneaky.

    Our oldest left his food out once and the little dog got it. They are sneaky! Thanks for linking up today.

  7. Sorry you're having a rough Monday! That first picture of the dog cracks me's the look on her face. If it makes you feel any better, my dog ate something non-food and threw-up all over the kitchen floor this morning. She also did the same this past Friday when I was getting ready for my son's b-day party. I think we need to put our pets up for adoption! Seriously, have you tried a crate for when you are out? That's what we do and it works like a charm. She also sleeps in at night, so she can't cause chaos while we sleep. Just an idea.


  8. Don't know why you got my comment twice. Sorry. Once was more than enough!

  9. Oh my have I thrown some mama fits! I need to check out this meme...maybe I'll feel better knowing I'm not the only one!
    Oh, by the way, I'm out visiting everyone on the KJV Blog directory for our February Challenge...join us if you can!

  10. Oh my Dani Joy, I'm so sorry. Pets are just part of the family, aren't they?! All of your cross outs made me laugh!
    Blessings to you!

  11. Thanks for visiting us at our blog today. I completely understand what a Mamma Fit is. Lord help us!

  12. I have a Mama Dance I apparently do when I get impatient. The kids have all started imitating me now, which only makes me madder. :) It's two fingers twirling (the c'mon, let's get going, or wrap it up sign)and when that isn't working, my right foot starts stomping. It's quite a show!

  13. Ok so this is funny, BUT I know how you feel & its not funny when its you,
    My new puppy got me up last night to go out NOT 1 BUT TWO TIMES,
    Iknow what you thinking shes a puppy ,but shes been sleeping all night for about 3 weeks now, & we did nothing different yesturday,
    And once Im awakw I'M AWAKE , Not a good sleeper at all, so when Iam asleep its wonderful,

    Anyay I hope you feel better ,
    love ya,

  14. aww she is a cutie!...♥iWill take her immediately...☺

  15. I think I would have had a fit too! We had a dog that caused more problems. Needless to say, he didn't stay around long.

  16. Oh my! I love how you so nicely "threw your fit" the light of the events you described! Ugh! I would not want to be the one to "find" the surprise left by your sweet pup! Tooo funny!

    My hubby's uncle had a homing device in his foot! No matter where in the massive backyard that they was inevitable...his foot would pull him to the exact spot where his daughter's little itty bitty toy poodle would leave her surprises!

    Blessings & Aloha!


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