Monday, February 22, 2010

Are We Willing?

Today for Making Your Home Sing Monday, I want to ask the question that was asked of us last night in church.

Are you willing?

1. Are you willing to listen to the Lord and receive what His word tells you?
Joshua 5

2. Are you willing to go where the Lord will send you? Isaiah 6:1-8

3. Are you willing to risk your comfort zone to serve Lord? Acts 4:23-31

This last point is what hit me most. Not only do I need to work on serving the Lord in my comfort zone (my home) but also by reaching out to others. There are sisters I need to call and visit, there are unsaved friends I need to visit, there are Bible studies I need to plan.

I just can´t get comfortable and use my family as an excuse. I have been saying to myself that my family is my priority. This is true, but I think I can also end up hidding behind my family. It´s easier than having to reach out all the time, getting turned down or getting hurt.

Peter and John did not stop preaching even though the road got tough. They did not hide behind the church family they already had. They kept preaching! What was the result? The whole place shook and they were filled with the Holy Spirit.

This week I am going to plan school, my english classes, exercise and meals even more to be able to call all the sisters and visit an elderly widow who needs the Lord.

Are we willing to move out of our comfort zones to keep our homes singing and still reach out? Maybe, this stands out more to me as it´s a constant rejection when we share the gospel here in Spain, but I am willing to keep at it.


  1. Dani Joy, it's so easy to say we're doing all we can. After all, our family is most important, right?

    But sometimes I think of all the people who have their eyes blinded and don't know who Jesus really is. There are people in my family who aren't yet saved.

    I think the best way to live our lives is resting in Christ. Allow Him to live in and through us and He does the work. I find when I submit my day to Him and ask Him for guidance, He provides opportunities for me to share or minister to someone in need. Sometimes it's just a listening ear.

    Blessings and love,

  2. What a lovely, convicting post!

    I have heard many women who have used their family as an excuse. I've been one of them.

    I wanted someone to teach my children about the Lord in Sunday School, but wasn't doing any kind of ministry myself at the time.

    However, while these men and women were ministering to my children, who was ministering to THEIR children?

    Who was meeting their families needs, while they were busy meeting the needs of my family?

    The Lord has given us gifts to bless our own family and our church family.

    My family is my main ministry, but that doesn't mean that I can't reach out to others, as you said. They are my family too.

    Thank you for linking up!

  3. What a beautiful encouragement to stretch us in our Christian walk. It is easy to use our family as an excuse, but you are right that they are a priority, but not to hide behind. Powerful! Thanks for asking these tough questions today!

  4. My first though was "Yes, of course I am willing!"

    But after a little consideration...I'm being challenged in this area....not sure if I'm as willing as I thought I was at first.

    It's certainly a "comfort zone issue" isn't it?!

    Amen to your preacher!!

  5. Our church is in the middle of Missions week. Yesterday I was reminded of the ways I am serving. But there are also a few areas where the Lord is challenging me to take it a step further. Thank you for this great reminder today. May we be willing to step out of our comfort zone!

  6. Comfort hard to get out of, but so necessary to take steps forward to grow. One thing for a strange reason that is hard for me to do is visit those in the hospitals or the nursing homes. Don't know why that is, my parents were so good at visiting shut-ins(what we called those that could not get out). I remember every Sunday afternoon visiting the older folks. Thanks for the encouragement and reminder to take steps of courage.

  7. You are so right! It's hard to get out of our comfort zones, but we should. That is our job as Christians. I know I need to do that more!!

  8. A great post...we all need to ask these questions on a day to day basis...

    Blessings & Aloha!
    I have something for you...and even if you are an award free blogger or have had this one given to you already...just know that I was thinking of ya! Please come and take a peek at what it is...

  9. Oh wow. This is awesome!! And you have definitely challenged me!! Too often I "hide" behind my family--which I know they are supposed to be my priority but that doesn't mean I can't include them in reaching out to those around us more often. Thank you so much for this!


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