Thursday, October 8, 2009

Phases and Pudgy Faces

As I contemplated what photo to use for Friday Photo Flashback, I went browsing some old files. What haven´t I posted yet?

Anyway, I am realizing there have been so many phases in my looks. I pray that I don´t have too many more. Guess that´s what being a mommy does to a body.

The picture I ended up choosing is a digital picture. (sorry Alicia, I am just not close to my scanner right now)

This is one of the attempts we did for our first furlough prayer card. The year was 2002. Our boys were probably about 3, 2, and 1 years of age. Look at those pudgy cheeks! Boy, do I miss their pudgy round faces.

No, they aren´t super tall giant babies either, they are standing on a table. (well, of course)

It´s so fun to see and remember the past through photos. Link on up with Alicia some time for her meme.

Friday Photo Flashback


  1. LOL...giant babies! Either that or you and your hubby are very short!

    You are all so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh...and I'll link you up for you. :)

  3. Dani, I think you might be the only woman on the planet that looks good with any kind of hairstyle!

    Yes, the cheeks are the best. I am kissing on Isabella's as I catch up on blog reading.


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  5. This is the very first picture I saw of you before we meet. It is the one you sent us by email. I thought your hair and you looked super cute

  6. Isn't it so fun to look back and see how the kids have grown. Cute picture!


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