Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Just Because Roses

My dear husband surprised me so good today, with these "just because" roses! They are even bigger and better than the ones I got when we would attend the formal fine arts we had to go to at college back when we were dating. Whooo hooo!!!

And you have to check out the fall decoration giveaway at Becka´s blog!

She knows we missionary wives can´t get fall decorations like ya´ll can at Walmart and Michaels. So be a great bloggy friend and tell her who sent ya! I would love some fall decorations.

Oh , Becka, I love, love, smelly candles! Could that be part of the giveaway too???


  1. "Want to flowers" ... as opposed to have to flowers.

    My heart is getting milage out of them too ...:}

    {and hopefully this time I have hit the right button ... really need to become by-lingual)

  2. So sweet and beautiful!
    Have a happy Wednesday:)

  3. So sweet of your husband :o)

    You got some votes in so far,,,

  4. I love it! You know all us women are tilting our heads and saying awwwwwe right now don't you??? He's a keeper!! ♥

  5. Muy bonita, si??? I know, you're impressed. ha ha ha

  6. Beautiful flowers! And the just because ones are the best, I think.

    BTW, thanks for coming by and enthusing about exercise on my blog. It was really encouraging! Stop by and enthuse anytime!

  7. Those are gorgeous, Girl!! I am sure you totally deserved them, too.



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