Friday, October 16, 2009

A Perfectly Shaped You!

Fitness, health, glamor, modeling, Hollywood, sexy, .... Where does it all lead? When one get´s to wanting to look better, what are we trying to do? What is our purpose? What should our purpose be?

Physically, it´s important to be healthy. We all know this, but why is it important? I mean, we all die sometime. God knows our expiration date. Right? What is it that motivates us to want to look our best, feel our best, be our best?

There is such a push for a "hot" image. If you aren´t lookin´"hot" then you get sidestepped or even stepped on. Well, I propose that we throw out this image altogether. I propose we draw a new image for women and men! A healthy, God created, perfectly shaped YOU!

You may not be tall, slender, and have those perfect curves but that´s what Hollywood is telling you, you need. How are you going to get these "perfect" curves? How are you going to get taller? How do you get leaner in some parts and bigger in others? (excuse me for saying it)
"Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature?"
Matthew 6:27

How are you going to shrink those bones?

You aren´t. (unless you go crazy and pay thousands and thousands of bucks)

So why does this affect us?

Even though, I know all this, I am still affected by the image of the perfect womenly body portrayed everyday in the media. It is so difficult to fight against the idea in my head that I have to be a certain size and shape especially knowing I can´t ever be that "Barbie" shape. This has not led me to depression, but it could, and it has for others. Depression and much much more.

We must put every thought into captivity and call it sin. Yes, It´s sin. It is sin to covet someone else´s body. Oh, this is tough. I know. But as I am writing this, I know what I have to do. I must confess to the Lord that I have sinned. I have wanted that other lady´s legs. Mine are destroyed by ugly swollen varicose veins from my first pregnancy. They will never be the same. I must admit and confess to coveting another lady for her beautifully shaped legs. (this has happened so often. more than I would like to admit. Spanish ladies have such nice legs)

How often do we do this as women? Even men struggle with comparing themselves to the big muscle image. We can´t change Hollywood, or the image, but we can change the way we look at ourselves. What does the Bible say? It is the authority. We can pattern our image to the Bible and God´s view of ourselves.

It says in Psalm 139:14
"I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well."

You are God´s work of art! You are MARVELOUS! You are WONDERFUL!

I heard once that we should stand in the mirror and tell ourselves this verse over and over every day until we believe it. It will sink in!

Discipline, and hard work bring our bodies into subjection for the Lord to be able to use us. Let´s strive for this "new image"! A Healthy, God Created, PERFECTLY SHAPED, You!
Health and fitness is important. We should be our best for the Lord and His service, but that does not mean attaining an image that is not our own.

Just on the lighter side, I found this song. It´s not the one I originally wanted, but it gets the idea across. Hope it puts a smile on your face and helps you on your journey.

We don´t have to be satisfied with an unhealthy body, and we shouldn´t be unsatisfied with the body God gave us.

God made you and He loves you!

May you have a wonderful Fitness Friday and head on over to God Speaks Today to read more about how you can be the healthy, God created, perfectly shaped YOU.


  1. Great encouraging post! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Awesome post. I too do the same thing... look at her arms, look at her abs - it's a sin and I'm working on it one day at a time!

  3. Beautiful Post Danielle!

    Thanks for sharing your heart! I'm not sure I will ever see my flat chest in the same light...thank you for being so truthful!

  4. Great post. We often get caught up with what looks good according to Hollywood standards which is very unhealthy! It's best just to be healthy with exercise and eating's a lifestyle that we can all attain. It's not about what we look like, but rather, how we feel.

  5. Amen!

    Awesome post.

  6. Great post, Danielle! It's about keeping it all in Gods perspective, and not our own.

  7. Hello. And Bye.


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