Monday, September 7, 2009

It´s a done deal!

The first day of school and our new schoolroom initiation is a done deal! We had a great first day of our 7th year of homeschooling. As far as following the schedule and getting some goals met it was fantastic. As far as getting through material, we still have some kinks to work out, but we will get through. We must!

We have a science museum and fun geography lessons to look forward to this year. We have to get through the day so we can do our Science and History classes. These are my favorites and I leave them for last, as they are in the curriculum. It just seems like we don´t get to do nearly all I would like to. Praying that this won´t take away my joy, and that we will be able to keep on singing through the whole year. 33 weeks of school here we come!

Here are my dear son/students and their new and improved classroom!

Our homeschool is now singing it´s first stanza of our school year. By far, is it perfect. This evening, I had a bit of a crying moment and felt down about something that happened (not school related), but it won´t keep us down.
How are you all coming along?
Come and join us when you can.
Making your home sing Mondays

Scroll on down to see some of the decorations.


  1. Yes, the Lord always lifts us up when our enemy wants to keep us down. All we have to do is remember His blessings to us and how can we stay down?

    Look at your boys hard at work! Awesome! Here's to another great year of homeschooling!

  2. Your school room looks wonderful!!
    Look at your boys at their cute.

    I hope you have a fabulous school year!

  3. They look like they are working so diligently. I'm sorry you ended up crying on the first day of school. Tomorrow will be a NEW day! I love your school room! Enjoy the rest of your week!

  4. Yes, Sister, the joy of the Lord is our strength! Lifting you up in prayer right now...

    And I am loving that classroom, Dani! I WANT ONE!

    xoxo, Veronica

  5. Lookin' good..lookin' good!! I just love your desks! I wish I could get something like that!!

    I just organized my homeschooling shelves and got all their work ready for tomorrow!!!!!

  6. Girl I must say you got it going on!!!:o)
    My children would kill each other if they had to be in the same room.LOL..
    It looks wonderful,I know your year is going to be great,,

  7. Looks fantastic!!

    You started school on Labor Day?!
    Funny how holidays like that don't really have the same weight when you're living overseas....I didn't even know yesterday was Labor Day til I was about to go to as usual around here.

    I'm glad you got off to a great start....and crying spells or not...things will be just fine.

    I've had my moments lately too...there's way too many people in my house.

  8. Mrs. Dani Joy,

    I hope ya'll have an excellent school year! Love the school room...looks like there will be a lot of creative thinking this year! ;-D


  9. Thanks ladies! Loved having you over to see the work in progress! May you all have a blessed day!

  10. I LOVE your classroom! It looks awesome. It's gotta make you happy when yo step into it. All that hard work definitely paid off.

    Good Job!

  11. Probably not singing the same song as you guys. We are getting a little saggy as summer is kicking in real fast and kids just want to swim and ride bikes.

    hmmm .... sighs!

    Come to think of it, so do I

  12. I love your school room! I hope you guys have a great school year. I'm bad about getting to science and history too. I'm trying to do better this year. So far, so good.

    Take care my freind! Friday is almost here!


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