Thursday, August 6, 2009

I saved it!

Quick, quick! Before I forget! You gotta hear this conversation between me and my boys. Yes, that´s right a "real-live" conversation! We had a blast today at Mc Donald´s. We went to get these really pretty Coca-Cola glasses. The boys even got into it too.

Oh yeah, back to the "real-live" conversation! You´d be so proud. I saved in my memory for life. OH now what was it?

Right. Are you ready? All this build up. Well, here it goes.


"Isaiah, please stop staring at that other table it´s rude. Staring can be considered very rude in most cultures."

Isaiah turns around and there is a pause.

Michael (our youngest, age 8):

"So why do people who are in love stare?"


"Weeeellllll, Michael, that´s another story."

End of conversation.

Now, that was a first around the board for us all . I am sure there are so many more great conversations really. Just come night time they all fall out of my hard drive memory, somehow (aka: my head).

Here is a picture of our Mc Donald´s lunch. Living proof we are having fun!


  1. That makes me smile!!lol
    what do you say at times like that??

  2. LOL..that was a good question!!! Very observant for boys!!!

    Love those glasses! I wonder if they're going to have those here in the states! Now I'm craving for Mickey D's!

  3. Did you have a burguer!!!!????

    .... I don´t want McDonalds but I want those glasses!!!!
    Have you seen the nocilla glasses, the glass ones. I have been colecting those, of course I have girls I don´t know how the boys would do drinking out of those ;) haha!

  4. Well....
    Why do people who are in love stare??

    I'd like to know the answer to that too...cause I don't do that. I'd bust out laughing if I tried to do that gushy-in-love-stare-thing!!

    "Michael..when you find out young man...let me know please!!"

  5. Love, love, love this!!!! So glad you saved it... but, just like Nina asked, so why do people in love stare?? Can you please grace us with your response to that one in another post?!?!?

    xoxo, Veronica in CA


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