Monday, July 27, 2009


I heart...

When my sons come home from camp!

I heart...

finding this rock in my son´s bag while unpacking from camp. It was all dirty and just in there with all the dirty stuff. I had to ask him why in the world there was a rock in the his bag.

He said, "Mommy, I found it for you while I was playing soccer."

Then I looked closely and my eyes started to well up and my heart just about burst. Moments like that make all the parenting worth while!

I am posting over at the KJV blog today more about camps and service to our King.

And this blog post is linking up with Moms the Word and her meme, Making Your Home Sing Monday.

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  1. How sweet!! I can imagine how much you missed them!!

    My two older kids are at camp right now! They left Saturday afternoon and will be back this coming Saturday!!

  2. Is that just the best or what? I have two boys and only one have I been frightened to check his pockets.

    My first time here! Enjoyed my visit!!

  3. Hola hermano, soy Jonatan Coloma. No sabía que tubieras blog. =)
    No me preguntes como te he encontrado por aquí, porque no tengo ni idea..jaja solo se que en internet no hay fronteras. Qué bendición han sido para mi estas dos semanas de Campamento. Pude ir también a Jovencitos, a servir en el area del trabajo, ayudando al Hno Jaime. Pues me alegro de saber de ti.
    Un saludo.

    Jonatan Coloma

  4. Somehow that rock seems incredibly beautiful!

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  6. How precious. I remember the rocks my children would give me, or they would pick dandelions and give them to me, lol!

    Thank you for linking up today, my friend!

  7. Dani Joy, I have moments like this, too. Altough I find those rocks in my sons underwear drawer!

    Your son is a doll!
    xoxo, Veronica in CA

  8. y tu tan orgullosa verdad? :)

  9. Glad to know I'm not the only one who gets rocks. How sweet (and what handsome boys!)...

  10. And what a LOVELY rock it is! =0)

    I have a tiny, hand-made "rock" Christmas Ornament that my son made out of clay when he was a tiny baby. It's always been such a precious little thing and he treasures it. It always hangs in a very prominent spot on our Christmas tree with pride!


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