Thursday, July 9, 2009

Announcing ... Caption Give Away Winners!

And the the winning caption is...

"Where did he come from?"

Please remember my hubby picked the finalists without knowing the authors,
and you all did the voting.

She got 27 votes.

I am so happy for you, Nina!

Hope you enjoy these.

You won these fabulous prizes from our mission field, Gijón, Spain.

mini oil painting on wood.

And the famous Madreñas!

The second place winner is...

Joye @ theJoyful Journey

her caption was;

"Ummm... How do you turn this thing OFF"

Joye received 10 votes.

Joye, you won this little trinket from the mountains of Asturias, Spain!

Maybe one day you will come and visit this gorgeous land.

The Third place winner is

Lorrie @ My Spot on the Shore

her caption was
"If I just move my hand a little closer...
I can plug him up and fix all this."

Lorrie, you have won this olive oil pitcher from the Peaks of Europe.

(please remember these are only about 5 in. tall. but they are authentic.)

Congratulations, Ladies!

This was so fun!

I thought all the captions were so cute and, want to thank all of you for joining in.

To finish off a great day, I post for you pictures taken from my phone this lovely afternoon.

Did you know a colt born from a white horse will not be born white but will shed his coat several times before becoming white? I just learned this today.


  1. Congrats to the winners. They were all clever, but Nina's was too funny!!

    What great prizes!!! Totally one of a kind for us USA girls.

    xoxo, Veronica in CA

  2. Just hopped on over from another blog and enjoyed my visit.

    The contest looked like fun!

    I am thankful for what you are parents were missionaries in Asia. I love to hear about everyone's adventures on the mission field.

    Beautiful family.

  3. How exciting! I've never won anything on line before. Anyhoo...I was on holiday and wasn't online. Anyhoo...I'll send you my address via email. Thanks so much again...what fun and what a great gift...I love international goodies!

  4. Yeah!!! How fun!!!! I'm doing my happy dance!! One day I will visit! Yep. Definitely : )

    Thanks so much!! I'll send my addy!

  5. In almost two years of blogging...this is the first thing I've won.....I'm speechless!

    Hang on to those prizes until we determine the licenses issue....k?



    (Guess what I'm eating??? Almonds and got me hooked!)

  6. ooo - that is fascinating about the horse!
    And the captions are too cute.

  7. I agree...that colt story was so interesting! I just learned something new!!


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