Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Weekend in Review

Lady´s Coffee - a faithful few!

Then after the fellowship at church we went to the airport to pickup my hubby´s family.
Here my B.I.L taking pictures of the happy reunion.

My hubby and his brother. What a wonderful hug!

My Hubby and his Dad!

My B.I.L is a wonderful uncle and he´s reversible. (that´s what the sticker says anyway.)
Don´t they all look so much alike?

We just saw them last year when we were in the States but it´s the first time they have come to our home in Spain. They are just soaking it all in.

I better get some sleep. Tomorrow we are going to the mountains and the lakes. We live about an hour away from the Peaks of Europe which are known as the Mini Alps. Google them. they are gorgeous! Or wait till tomorrow or Wednesday for some great pictures.

Thank you to those who left very encouraging comments. I really needed them yesterday.
Also, I want to thank Heidi and Christine for my life verse bracelet. My F.I.L. brought it with him as we had it shipped to his house in the States. It´s beautiful! I just can´t stop looking at it.


  1. A new soul has been saved! Praising the Lord with you!!!! My nephew just accepted Christ last week at the ripe ole' age of 39!

    Enjoy your time, have lots of fun and take lots of pictures!

  2. Oh, I am praying for you and your husband's ministry over there! May you be strengthened and encouraged and may many hear and be saved! I am so excited for the one who has heard the message of Christ! I have always been humbled by the verse in the bible that says God rejoices over that one lamb that was lost and is found more than over the 99 that never left the flock.

  3. What a great bunch! I'm sure every one of them was blessed to be there!

    Oh..and love the pictures of your inlaws! They are so young! Such a beautiful family!!!!!!!

  4. Awww...I have tears in my eyes after seeing those two brothers hug one another!

    Have fun Dani....enjoy every minute of it!!

  5. Wow, it really is beautiful! So glad you got it!

    BTW, I've been wondering if I scared you off with my s*x posts since I haven't seen you around in a while. :) I was thinking this morning to email you and see if I had freaked you out! :)

  6. You must be loving the time with family. Have fun!

    We are rejoicing, along with many others, about the one that desires a relationship with our Savior. Keep on keeping on!!

    The bracelet is beautiful!

  7. Yes, I really did. And when I told my hubby that I took them out of the garbage and took a picture for my blog, he wasn't even surprised, lol!

  8. Wonderful and I love the bracelet. Blessings-Jessica

  9. What a blessing to have family in your home. I am praying for your ministry in Spain. I know God is in it and He knows the plan even if we don't. It is sometimes hard to remember that our obedience is what He wants, He takes care of the results. I pray that his presence will flood you with peace and give you strength.

  10. aawwww wow, that bracelet is beautiful!!!!


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