Sunday, May 31, 2009

Rest and Rejoicing!

I wasn´t going to post but I wanted to let you all know personally how thankful I am for your prayers. I thought often through the weekend how many of you prayed and it blessed my heart.

We had ladies from two churches come to the Ladies Coffee and Chat but no new ladies came. This among all the work involved,caused me to struggle just to not get down, but I know that here in this country little is much when God is in it! I am rejoicing in another activity and the company of fellow believers.

Our company has arrived but my weary body needs rest. It´s been a long weekend. Painting, cleaning, ladies meeting, and an after chruch fellowship this evening. Praising the Lord for one soul who heard the Gospel for the first time! So even though Satan wants to get us down and keep people out of church by having a big soccer game scheduled right at the same time as church, we can rejoice in a soul who may come to know Jesus!

I will post pictures soon. Thanks again for all your prayers and for your dear friendship!


  1. Your comment blessed my day! I just began this blogin’ adventure (about a month ago now WOOHOO) and simply delighted to get to know you.

    Sarah Dawn

  2. No discouragement allowed!!! You are touching lives in Jesus' name everyday by just being who you are.

    Even if you don't get to see the fruits of your labor today...It will happen.

    Also the more you feed into the ladies that do show up the more they take with them. Everyday they interact with people and at some point the people they know will see the Light of the Lord in them and come have coffee with you.

    Have a blast with your visitors. Refuel yourself in the company of believers! Wish I was one of them visiting. :)

    Give yourself a hug for me. I will let you pick who gets to wrap their arms around you! Love Ya

  3. DaniJoy...sorry to hear about no new ladies showing up. But, you're right..the enemy is trying to steal your joy. Gods Word does not return void, so if just one of those women were blessed by it, then that's all that matters!!! :)

  4. I'm sorry about that my friend! I've had that happen before. It can be very frustrating. But instead we have to remember that God has a purpose. And you never know what might have been said to touch the ladies that did show.

    I pray against any discouragement the enemy might be trying to plant in your heart. I also pray that you are able to enjoy your company and get some rest. Take care my sweet friend!

  5. I'm catching up on my blog reading. You are so right, Satan does want to get us down and he uses so many different avenues to do that!!

    I hope you are blessed today my friend!!


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