Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday What´s Up With the Crew?

Impromptu School Pictures!

We had an informal Photo shoot today! It was a gorgeous day, and the boys were even some-what stylish with their new hair cuts. (by Barber Daddy) These are the clothes they picked out today all on their own. (we were impressed)

Andrew Jay
Age 9
Fourth Grade

Michael Joseph
Age 8 (June 11)
2nd Grade

Isaiah Lorell
age 10
Fourth Grade

proud Mommy,


  1. Oh my gosh..they are soooo handsome!!! Love their impromptu pics!!

    They remind me soooo much of my cousins when they were that age!!!!!

    How of my sons will be 9 on June 28th!!!

    I hope you are having (or had) a great day, my friend!!!!!!!

  2. Congrats proud mommy, you have 3 great boys!

  3. Aren't they handsome!!!

    I love the silly pictures!

  4. You've got three handsome boys! I love how their personalities shine thru.

    I'm glad you took the lilac pic, I made it just for you!


  5. Awesome pictures of handsome boys!

  6. And what a mighty-fine lookin' crew you have!!! All darling, but they might not like that word, so ...uh.... all HANDSOME! =0)

    ((I have 3 boys, too! I know how they can get!))

  7. Great pictures! You have 3 handsome fellows my friend!

  8. Such handsome men....and they look like they are tons of fun!!

  9. Lovely boys, congratulations and fotos, greeting from Belgium

  10. I so miss having my own young ones at home. They are like nourishment for the soul. As I know you do, enjoy every moment and drink it in as slowly as possible. Life is a vapor. They are truly your treasure. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  11. They are good looking boys! It looks like they had fun taking these pics!

  12. What great pics! You have some handsome boys!

    Have a blessed Memorial day weekend!

  13. Love the photos!


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